About The Dogs' Refuge Home

Dogs need love and respect

The Dogs' Refuge Home is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the rescue, care and re-homing of dogs.

Established in 1935, it is one of the oldest animal welfare agencies in Australia. Our activities are motivated by the fundamental understanding that dogs are entitled to the same love and respect that they unconditionally give to us.

Based at 30 Lemnos Street, Shenton Park, our kennels are capable of housing up to 150 dogs. We have a pro-life policy, which ensures that no dog will be euthanised on economic grounds.

Every year we take in many hundreds of dogs that have been abused, neglected or simply no longer wanted.

Without your donations we are unable to provide vital care to these beautiful dogs. Please support us by making a donation.

Download our 2014/15 - 2017/18 Strategic Plan


Meet the Committee

Karen Rhodes
Karen Rhodes, President, Responsible for fund-raising and PR

Karen became involved with the Home in August 2006 when she adopted one of the home’s long termers, Homer. Karen’s background is marketing and advertising and she leads the fundraising and PR committee to ensure all fund raising opportunities and activities are maximised. Karen adopted her second dog Bronson from the Home in 2009 and now boasts she has the two best looking men in Perth. She is also a regular weekend walker and has many favourite dogs.

Mark Simpson
Mark Simpson, Vice President

Mark started volunteering at the refuge in 2001 and since then has spent time helping out at events and serving on the committee, including a period as Secretary.  Most of his work for the home has been in partnership with his wife, Ruth, in helping to foster and re-home more than 50 dogs.  He has a corporate and legal background but now has his own business dedicated to promoting health, wellbeing and sustainable behaviours for people and organisations.  Apart from the regular presence at home of foster dogs his permanent canine companion is Barney, the foster dog that never left.

Ian Coombes, Responsible for repairs and maintenance

Ian has been a volunteer at the Refuge since 2005. He has a Blue Badge and enjoys interacting with the Refuge dogs. As a committee member, Ian is involved with the repairs and maintenance of the Refuge. Ian is now retired but spent much of his working life with the Army and the Commonwealth Public Service. Ian's dog Augie was once a Refuge resident.


Chris Osborn, Secretary

Chris is a lawyer in Perth specialising in commercial law. There are two dogs in his family, one from the Hong Kong SPCA and the other from our Home. Chris worked on the Home's successful application for Designated Gift Recipient Status (by which donors obtain a tax deduction). He has worked in Australia and Hong Kong and was previously Secretary of the Hong Kong SPCA.


Emma Withers
Emma Withers

Emma began fostering pups from the refuge in 2011. She has often fostered a succession of pups back to back and now her home feels incomplete when she don't have a pup! Her own labradors help look after the puppies (or tolerate some of them) reminding them once in a while that they are not in charge! The thing she loves most about fostering pups is that she is providing them with a safe, loving home with children and other animals until they find their on permanent home and hopefully making them more socialised and therefore adoptable. Emma's professional background is in Business Development and Sales & Marketing. But says if she could do my time again, she would earn her living working with animals

Lee-Anne Ashley
Lee-Anne Ashley

Lee-Anne has been volunteering at our Home since 2009, commencing her volunteer career by folding and sorting hundreds of blankets and towels in the big winter appeal!  Since then she has volunteered in the office and worked on fundraising activities including the 2010 and 2011 Quiz Nights.  Lee-Anne lives with two older gents - Max and DJ.  While they’re not from our Home, both were ‘rescued’ from less than idyllic conditions.  Lee-Anne thinks poodles are the best people!

Greg Goad
Greg Goad

Greg started at the Refuge as a volunteer in 2011 and remains a regular weekend dog-walker. He recently discovered a family connection to the Refuge that goes back more than 60 years to when his grandparent’s dog, Prince, was buried in the cemetery. Greg recently lost his own dog, Bonny, who is still missed by his family.
His background is in Government where he has spent the past 10 years working with the not-for-profit sector. Greg has considerable experience in compliance and governance roles. He was appointed to the Committee in 2014.