Alby found his perfect retirement

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 13 March 2013 | 7 Comments

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Once a long-term resident at Shenton Park Dogs’ Refuge Home, nine-year-old Labrador cross Alby is now the heart and soul of a local aged-care facility and is living proof that it’s not always a sad tale for dogs that get a rough start in life.


Alby was re-homed and returned back to the refuge twice because of his severe separation anxiety before he found his perfect home two years ago at Embleton-based Embleton Care, where he is now a firm favourite at the aged-care facility and the star attraction of its 2013 calendar.

The cautious canine had had a difficult start in life and was terrified of being left alone for any length of time, but when Managing Director of the facility David Cox saw Alby promoted on a poster at a local cafe, he felt he would be the perfect pooch for the care facility.

“Alby has been with us for over two years now and has had such a positive impact on the home and our residents that we produced a calendar in which he stars,” David said.

“He’s the most beautiful dog ever, he makes his rounds every morning by giving all the residents cuddles and kisses, and he gets so much love and attention that he no longer suffers from anxiety or the eczema that plagued him for so long at the refuge.”

Embleton Care will soon become part of the Regis Aged Care group, but that's no concern for Alby, as the new owners are looking forward to welcoming him with open arms.

Refuge President Karen Rhodes says Alby’s heart-warming story is a wonderful example of how a perfect home exists somewhere for all the refuge's abandoned dogs.

“We currently have over 100 dogs patiently waiting for their perfect home, all of whom have a huge heart and so much to offer, just like Alby,” she said.

“Our staff and volunteers really thrive on these success stories because I think that everyone connected with us believes that all dogs, no matter their size or age, deserve to find their perfect home.”

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  • Well done to all involved in Alby's successful adoption - a real win-win!

    Posted by Anne, 12/04/2013 9:23am (5 years ago)

  • Yes I loved Alby too. He was such a cuddly boy who craved attention. And he's certainly got that now. What a wonderful home.

    Posted by Audrey, 24/03/2013 10:19pm (5 years ago)

  • I loved Alby when he was at Shenton - he was such a lovely boy and the Embleton Calendar is fantastics. Alby is in his element as the star of the show and clearly the elderly residents really love him and appreciate having a canine companion. This should happen more often as it is good for people and the dogs.

    Posted by Sarah , 18/03/2013 5:06pm (6 years ago)

  • What a beautiful story on Alby

    Posted by Dot , 14/03/2013 6:30pm (6 years ago)

  • We saw the calendar tonight and yes, Alby is so essential to the calendar. How wonderful that a dog and a nursing home become the best mix for the residents.

    Posted by Ali, 13/03/2013 11:49pm (6 years ago)

  • What a wonderful post. Great for Alby and for the residents of the aged care facility. I used to take my dogs to my dad's facility and the residents LOVED their visits. Maybe Regis Group could introduce having a rescue dog (carefully selected of course) into their other facilities.

    Posted by Norma Cotterill, 13/03/2013 3:40pm (6 years ago)

  • That is a great story. I remember Alby well. It may seem sad sometimes when dogs are returned to the shelter, but this is a great example of returning the dog which is not a good match to the owner having the best outcome for the dog.

    Posted by Mary, 13/03/2013 2:39pm (6 years ago)

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