Amber casts a spell over her new family

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 6 February 2011 | 2 Comments


After wanting a dog all my life, finally my family and I followed our noses to the Shenton Dog Refuge in December where we immediately fell under the spell of Amber.  It has taken this long to write to you because we are besotted with her and spend all our time walking and playing with her.  We love her exuberant personality.  She makes our lives joyous.  I even enjoy waking up now that I have a four-legged, waggily-tailed, wet-kisses alarm clock!


Even though Amber is a medium-sized dog, we refer to her as our ‘lap dog’ because if we sit on the floor she immediately curls up in our laps for a cuddle.  She is a bit cheeky and climbs up on the outdoor table and sits on the newspaper I’m reading when she wants some attention!  Amber loves the dog park and the beach.  She is very sociable with all our friends and other dogs she meets – sometimes a little too friendly!  We are building on the training that the trainers began at Shenton and all of us go to classes run by the RSPCA.  We were very excited to see Awesome at the classes, as we had seen him the day we adopted Amber.

We were very pleased to see Honey has been adopted, as we felt bad that we had taken away her play partner.  Now Amber’s coat has grown over Honey’s nip marks and she is as sleek and glossy as a seal.  Amber now has new friends, but I know she misses Honey and her other friends – both human and canine – from her time at Shenton.

We like to think we have given Amber a great life with lots of love and exercise, plenty of different experiences and great healthy food, but I think she has given us much more.  We now spend more time outside and go to the park as a family and throw the ball around – much healthier and more fun than electronic games.  Amber makes us smile and reminds us of the wonderful simple things that sometimes get forgotten in our busy world.  We adore her!


However, not everyone at our place adores her.  Our chickens consider her to be obnoxious and immature, and cluck indignantly whenever she visits them.  We have had to reinforce their pen like Fort Knox after she got in and held one chicken down while she licked it.  We think she may have done more than just taste the chook if we hadn’t got there so quickly!

Amber has brought us a great amount of joy and I’d never buy anything other than a rescue dog.  I think you guys at Shenton are amazing and Mel gave us great advice.  Thank you for your commitment and professionalism.  You have made one pack of five humans and one canine very very happy.

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  • You have given Amber a fantastic new home and lifestyle, wrapped up in lots of love.

    Posted by Jodie, 15/02/2011 1:13pm (8 years ago)

  • Amber is a gorgeous looking girl and really lucky to have found her forever home with such great people.

    Posted by Jackie, 08/02/2011 2:39pm (8 years ago)

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