An update from Cupcake

Posted by Kylie Hildebrand on 20 January 2010 | 2 Comments


Hi there, it's Cupcake the Pomeranian here. I just thought that I’d drop you a line or two as you were all so kind to me while I was a guest at your home.

My Mum and Dad are really loving and take me for big walks which I enjoy and when they aren’t here for me to climb over, I play with my squeaky toy and my big brother, Cookie. He is pretty cool, he even lets me eat out of his bowl now. That’s okay coz he eats out of mine when I’m not looking, but there’s no way will he let me near his bones!

Dad had a new alarm system fitted to our house but Mum reckons it was a waste of money as I’m always on the lookout for any strangers and let them know if there’s any around. We’re going on a big road trip in April so when we get back I’ll let you all know where I’ve been.

So long for now,

An update from Cupcake

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  • can we come too? sounds like sooooo much fun. cupcake is adorable.

    Posted by fredrick, 12/08/2010 11:34pm (8 years ago)

  • Hi Cupcake, you and your brother are very fortunate to have such a great family.
    Hope your holiday in April is very enjoyable for all of you.

    Posted by Iris Lennon, 21/01/2010 3:13pm (9 years ago)

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