Anton and Missy are a perfect match

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 10 July 2010 | 2 Comments


Anton and Missy have settled in beautifully into their new family, so I thought it was timely for me to provide you with an update.

Anton and Missy settling in

These photos are only from the first week we brought the kids home and as you can see they couldn't be more at home! You couldn't have chosen two dogs to go together better than them - they are two peas in a pod. They absolutely adore each other and are spoilt rotten to boot.

Keep up the wonderful work you all do at the Refuge.

Maureen O'Brien


Anton and Missy having a tussle
In the sandpit


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  • God bless you and your family for your kind and loving heart. Your dogs look adorable and happy.So much love and happiness all round...

    Posted by Aliti James, 21/07/2010 10:46pm (8 years ago)

  • My goodness, why can't there be more people like you.
    Adopting two homeless and I must say gorgeous looking dogs and giving them the chance of having a loving family. They look so happy.
    If only someone would reach out and give some of the long termers at Shenton Park what you have given your two.

    Posted by Iris Lennon, 12/07/2010 9:35pm (8 years ago)

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