Archie's a real ladies dog

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 12 October 2010 | 2 Comments


We rescued Archie (Corgi x) approximately 2 months ago. He must have been on his best behaviour and trying to impress on the first week as he was the best behaved dog I have ever seen. Since then he is still generally well behaved but has gotten more comfortable in his new home and pushed the boundaries a few times.

BBQ mate

He is a lovely little boy, very occupied with food and very excitable but he also loves a cuddle and gets along with everyone he meets. One of his favourite pastimes is burying shoes in the garden!! The only problem is that he is still getting use to being friendly with other dogs but hopefully after some training we will get there......we could not imagine Archie not being a part of the family now.

Archie does have an eye for the ladies and it is apparent that he is very attracted to them!! A few people who have volunteered at Shenton Park have stopped us to say hi to Archie so he must have made an impression....he gets lots of compliments every time we take him out. He loves the dog beach and he knows when the camera is out, he likes to have a pose.

We are still trying to work out what Archie is crossed with....everyday he looks like something different or someone else comments that he resembles a different breed entirely.

Thank you to Shenton Park for babysitting Archie until we came to adopt him.....we still cant understand why anybody would want to give Archie up!!

Amy & Chris

At the beach



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  • So good to hear of another lucky dog getting a second chance at happiness.
    Also, he is gorgeous!

    Posted by Belinda, 20/10/2010 1:46am (8 years ago)

  • Archie is a real poser, I love the way he is sitting at the barbecue. I can see that he would be a real hit with the ladies.
    So good to know that he has a loving family.

    Posted by Jane, 16/10/2010 1:24pm (8 years ago)

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