Arthur and Tucker, two success stories

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We thought we would let you all know what happened after we took Arthur (Big Red) and Tucker (Lacey) home from the shelter in February 2009.

Arthur and Tucker, two success stories

Arthur settled in within a few days, loving his twice-daily walks along the foreshore, purely for the sniffing opportunities, rather than the exercise (we often have to drag him home up the hill!) and all the affection we shower on him - what a softie! He does anything for food, and drools all over the floor but we love him nonetheless.

A week after we brought Arthur home, we brought Tucker home. They got along perfectly. Although rather excitable from the outset, with two walks a day (she spends most of the walks off the leash, running large laps around us!) and a lot of toys, she doesn't get too bored during the day when we are at work. She is very excited when we get home, and loves a good tug-o-war or general wrestle, and also cuddling up on the blanket with us when she gets a bit sleepy. When the weather is bad, their beds are brought into our bedroom - not always a good idea considering Arthur snores! Most nights Tucker climbs into Arthur's bed for extra comfort :)

Arthur and Tucker, two success stories

The two of them love being involved so can often be seen sitting in the back of our ute, going to the beach, visiting friends, going to cafes etc - such sociable animals! We have been accused of treating them like children, but who wouldn't? They are adorable! Each with their own strong personality, plus their own faults of course, but they really have fit so well into our lives.

We just wanted everyone at the shelter to know how much they are loved here (and how much they get spoiled!), and how much we have recommended the shelter as a place to get dogs. I have absolutely no idea why Arthur and Tucker were left without homes - they are full of love and eager to please, who would give them up? If only we were allowed more than two!

Thanks so much to the shelter for helping us find (and match up) Arthur and Tucker (especially Trevor and Neil), as well as providing continual advice when we needed it.

Amber and James

Arthur and Tucker, two success stories

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  • What a beautiful person you must be!
    taking on two dog's and giving them so much love and a place to call home.
    I must say - they are gorgeous looking dogs.

    Posted by Jackie, 07/10/2009 3:38pm (9 years ago)

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