As quick as a lightning bolt

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 26 April 2011 | 2 Comments


A few weeks ago we adopted an amazing energetic and curious pup u had named Barb, our 3 yr old son re named him BOLT on meeting him and it was love at first sight.


My boys (my son and Bolt) are inseparable When my son goes to the toilet so does Bolt, when i give Bolt a chew treat on his mat my son sits on his ‘mat’ next to him eating his chew treat (apple) they are 2 peas in a pod. The girls at the shelter do a wonderful job matching dogs to families, I am over the moon with our Bolt, and every night he lays next to me for cuddles before laying on his mat next to my bed. He’s so affectionate and loving for an energetic pup. On one of our walks recently he knew the way home from just under a km from our house, he took every correct turn and led me right up the drive way which blew me away. He gets his 2-3 hrs of walking every day and in turn he sleeps all day long hahahaha

We have spoilt him rotten with as many toys as our son will pull off the shelves (alot) we cant wait to get stuck into puppy training and build on the already amazing tricks Bolt can do. He was able to do hi 5’s and sit and drop in the Refuge and since has learnt to ‘cuddle’ he wraps his paws round your neck and nuzzles in for a cuddle. He can sit at the road without command as soon as we stop his bottom drops to the floor and looks for a treat hehehe we are working on this fetch business though as he will run after a ball then lay down and munch on it BAHAHAHAHA


A lot of people discouraged us from getting a kelpie due to their high exercise needability but when we met Bolt there was no if's or but's those eyes melted my heart and he was all we talked about at home after seeing him.

We have 2 cats as well and were concerned about how he would go with them, and after the first day of hissing by my girls at him and him waging his tail they are now all living happily together, Sometimes we forget he is just 4 mnths old, he is able to open doors on his own and just thrives being the centre of attention, he aims to please and when moral is low or we are all tired he jumps about prancing around like he's putting on a show to get us to laugh, I could go on forever about how much we love and adore our bolt. He's my good boy and i can't imagine not having him around.

Thanks for all your assistance in helping us to find our missing family member.

From The MacMillans.

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  • that is soo wonderful. he is such a lovely boy, am glad he found his missing family.

    Posted by Nat, 27/04/2011 10:39pm (7 years ago)

  • How gorgeous, "Bolt" is obviously in the right home and has brought so much fun with him.

    Posted by Margaret, 27/04/2011 7:32pm (7 years ago)

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