Banjo and Jake are the best of friends

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 24 October 2012 | 4 Comments


We adopted Banjo last year around July when a ten day foster failed and we are very thankful.

Banjo & Jake

Banjo was at that stage 4 months old and was a little bundle fur with alot of fear and need for cuddles. Its amazing how scared of everything he was and how confident he has become, his first walking on the lead experience will never be forgotten as he refused to walk, not to mention fear of walking through the doorway!

I never knew how much I'd grown to love his gentle loyal nature until the foster came to an end and i knew I couldnt let this happen! As he as a whippet/staffy mix he was very shy and timid and wanted to sit on my lap all day and cuddle and needed a lot of support and patience until his confidence grew. Chewing was his specialty and my mum was rather relieved when we moved out and now have a big yard for him to run around in. Just in time for him to settle as he is now 18 months and moved on from chewing everything in sight.

Banjo & Jake

And then around one month ago my partner decided he want a pal too and we adopted our beautiful boy Jake (previously named keegan). It is so wonderful coming home to find 2 mates who have been keeping each other company and playing all day long, makes me okay with having a destroyed garden haha.

Jake is a working breed mix with beautiful eyes and is full of beans all the time which is just like my partner and luckily Jakes better at fetch than Banjo so a stroll to the park with the ball sees some of his energy used up, as well as the dog beach. He has improved his manners so much since we got him and now at around 8 months is still pup and a beautiful one. he has adapted to settling on the couch in the evenings and playing all day, what a life.

Adopting our two little 'sons' is the smartest thing we ever did and they make us so happy,

Thanks Shenton park for everything you do :)

Emma & Ash

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  • Thanks for the comments :) they continue to make us smile everyday , and keep us fit! :)

    Posted by Emma and ash, 11/12/2012 9:09pm (6 years ago)

  • Thanks so much for changing the lives of these two beautiful boys. They are so fortunate in having been adopted by you and your partner and given a life of such love and luxury.

    Posted by Jackie V, 01/11/2012 3:19pm (6 years ago)

  • What a lovely story if only all the dogs could find such devoted owners.

    Posted by Denise, 26/10/2012 12:46am (6 years ago)

  • Thank you Emma for sharing your story of "failed" fostering and how your two boys have settled. The photo of the two says it.

    Posted by Ali, 25/10/2012 10:45pm (6 years ago)

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