Barney's more the quiet type

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 5 July 2011 | 3 Comments


We adopted Barney almost a year ago now, back in July 2010, and it has been a wonderful journey for all of us.


It took a while for him to accept us as his new pack, I think he’d had some bad experiences along the way, but now he is such a happy boy and that anxious look in his eyes is gone. Being a basenji cross he’s not supposed to bark, and the staff at Shenton Park had never heard him make a sound. Well, the first night he was here, he went outside and to my surprise, let out just one, happy bark. So, he can bark, but mostly he doesn’t and when he does, once or twice is enough to make his point.

He loves going for walks and if we spend too much time on the computer or working, he grumbles for a while, then jumps up onto the keyboard and puts a gentle paw on your shoulder – c’mon, that’s enough work, time for a walk. He’s usually right.

Jumping is one of his favourite things and we have had to raise all our fences to keep our little kangaroo home. He is also very good at nosing open unlocked garage doors. He doesn’t go far though, this is definitely his home now. The kids adore him and he is very tolerant of being cuddled, picked up, squeezed and basically loved to bits.

Anyway, we’re so glad we took the plunge and adopted him, we feel like we’ve made a real difference to his life and he’s definitely made a difference to ours.

Allison and family

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  • doh is fat

    Posted by Potato, 20/12/2014 11:47am (4 years ago)

  • Love is such a powerful thing. Thanks for showing Barney the difference.

    Posted by Katie, 10/07/2011 11:53am (7 years ago)

  • So good to know that Barney has settled in to his new forever home with such a loving family.
    Thank you.

    Posted by Jodie, 08/07/2011 8:03am (7 years ago)

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