Batesy's one hell of a character

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 8 April 2011 | 2 Comments


I adopted ‘Batesy’ the cattle dog X from the haven a couple of months ago.... just wanted to keep you updated on his progress!

Batesy and Ali

I had been thinking about getting another dog for a while as a companion for my one eyed pooch ‘Ali.’ A few months ago I stopped by the haven to donate some old food and decided to go for a ‘quick look around.’ It doesn’t come as too much of a surprise a week later I was back to pick up my new canine companion.. (knew it was dangerous to go there!!) My eye had been caught by this little tan and white dog who looked ridiculously similar to my Ali... but with bigger ears and one hell of a cheeky face. Batesy and Ali are now the absolute best of friends and refuse to be separated! They will spend hours and hours playing with their toys, splashing in their paddling pool and having all out rip up the garden tug of wars.

Batesy has certainly proved to be full of character! He particularly likes chewing things... cushions and rubber thongs seem to be the flavour of the month, along with the odd toothbrush and handbag. One of Batesy’s favourite things in the world is to go to the vet clinic where I work and pick out a shiny brand new toy to demolish in 10 minutes flat!


Despite Batesy’s cheekiness he has settled in well with his new family and is absolutely adored by everyone around him, include his doggy ‘twin.’ Batesy loves  bedtime..... he will actually drag his doggy bed off the floor up onto the bed and then proceed to completely ignore it whilst hogging all the doona. Most nights he’ll also locate a couple of particularly loud squeaky toys and utilise them at various hours of the morning, then look spectacularly upset when they are taken off him and locked in the bedside drawer. He particularly likes sleeping in and will hold you down with giant paws so you can’t get out of bed in the morning! I know you’re not supposed to sleep with dogs on your bed but I just can’t resist those morning cuddles with my beautiful boy...

A big thank you to all the wonderful staff and volunteers at the dog haven, particularly Fiona, Batesy’s former foster mum who has helped make the transition from haven to home so much easier. Batesy was over the moon when Fiona came to visit him in his new home and proudly showed off all his toys and his new big brother! As I finish writing this he is curled up at my feet chewing the tip of my shoe. But what does an old shoe matter compared to the whims of my beautiful cheeky boy x

Kathryn Higgs

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  • Batsey was so lucky the day you dropped by Shenton Park to donate food.
    He now has a a new loving mum, a gorgeous sister and morning cuddles in bed - what more could he want!
    Nice story.

    Posted by Leah, 13/04/2011 12:33pm (8 years ago)

  • Thank you so much for taking Batsey, he is a little rascal for sure

    Posted by Rick Anderson, 08/04/2011 1:22pm (8 years ago)

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