Beautiful Koko has made herself at home

Posted by Henrik Madsen on 21 June 2009 | 0 Comments


Koko has been with us for about a month now and she has certainly made herself at home! Even on the first night there was no anxiety, she just settled right in. We were a little hesitant at getting a 'middle aged' dog (she is 7yrs) but she is just beautiful.


We have 3 cats and 3 kids and 1 dog so finding a dog that would tolerate and fit in to our busy household was quite a task! But Koko has proved to be one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. The kids absolutely adore her and she is very tolerant of our 4 year old who is constantly bossing her around. She just takes everything in her stride.

She loves her food and was a bit overweight when we got her and very quickly picked up the nickname 'Tubby.' But a diet and daily walks has seen her lose a few kilos – she doesn’t quite resemble a coffee table now. She has the sweetest nature and is such a happy, friendly dog, always wagging her tail and loves to have cuddles.

The only reason she was still at the refuge we think is because of her age – she is just such a beautiful dog we can’t understand why no-one else wanted her. We found out recently that she also loves to swim. She gets in the pool with us and does a lap or two and then gets out. You don’t even need to coax her in, she just walks down the steps herself and you can swim right next to her and she doesn’t scratch or try to climb on top of you. She plays chasey with our son in and around the pool which all the kids think is fantastic.

Koko swimming

She loves to chew but only chews the toys we give her and she plays like a puppy – could this dog be anymore perfect? Actually, she does snore very very loudly and has very smelly flatulence, but you take the good with the bad don’t you?

And her good far outweighs her tiny little 'bad” traits. She goes everywhere with us – to school, visiting and if I could take her to work with me I would! She doesn’t much love being alone, which is completely understandable, so it’s a good thing I only work 2 days a week. Only one problem – when we go to the park, if she's off the lead, she tends to not come back if she sees another dog or person (but she is only being friendly) so we are working on that one.

Other than that, we have absolutely no complaints and love our 'Tubby' as she is truly a beautiful dog and has filled some of the void left by our elderly dog we had to euthanise last year.

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