Benji learns from his mistakes

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 12 May 2011 | 2 Comments


Woof, woof! Staff and carers at the Dogs' Refuge. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am in my new home (I love chasing mum's cat!).

The first week or two it took me a while to settle down. I did make a few mistakes - Dad didn't particularly like me taking away his book to read it and mum has to buy some new shoes, but I think she liked the idea anyway (I'm still chasing the cat!).


The first Saturday after I arrived we went to a place called Northam and mum and dad put me in something they called a bath. I really didn't like it very much at first butit did get better as the water warmed up (I hope they don't do that very often). And afterwards they said I looked and smelt much better - even handsome! (The cat is in hiding now).

The next week we went back to Northam and I thought I was in for another bath, but joy of joys it was for my vaccinations. Mum and dad went shopping while I stayed for a visit with the vet and was rewarded after with lots of new toys. (Mum has found the cat).

Mum says I'm only a baby and will still make some mistakes. She took me aside the other day and said I had done four bad things and two good things and that it would be good if I could do three bad things and three good things the next day, and we'll take it from there. I will try my best for her.

I got to the oval four days a week with mum and we play ball. Dad takes me for a long walk every morning and evening so I'm ready for bed by 7.30pm. I do have my own bed but I prefer to sleep with mum or dad. It is nearly always dad as the cat sleeps with mum if she comes out of hiding and can get past me. Mum put the cats bell on my collar so the cat knows when I'm around (spoilt my fun!).

I have a friend to play with at the park - her name is Blaze. She is a lot older than me so she is showing me how to behave myself and puts me in my place if I get too rough.

When mum and dad go to Perth I always go with them and I always behave myself in the car on the long trips. I love car rides. Also, I get to visit mum's family and there are kids and a dog for me to have fun with on my visits. (Cat still in hiding).

Today is my birthday - I had a special treat when mum and dad gave me a kong. I love getting food from inside it. It has been a month since coming to my new home and I think I might stay here. Mum and dad love me to bits and even the cat is getting used to me (I think) - she is not running as much. So I don't expect to see you anytime soon, but thank you for looking after me while I stayed with you and for finding me a nice new home.

Say hello to my other doggie friends and wish them well on getting new homes like me.


PS My new name is Denny was too much like dad's name and my folks get confused sometimes. Woof, woof - Benji

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  • Really good to know that Denny has found such a nice family to love and care for him.

    Posted by Leah, 18/05/2011 10:42am (7 years ago)

  • You're a lucky boy Denny, you have been given a wonderful new family and a great life-style. Lucky boy.

    Posted by Olivia, 13/05/2011 1:34pm (7 years ago)

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