Bert trains his family

Posted by Kylie Hildebrand on 11 September 2009 | 3 Comments


Bert is a lovely playful and affectionate dog. The staff and volunteers have done a great job on his basic obedience training. He occasionally surprises Gerry by suddenly sitting or lying when Gerry accidentally makes a hand signal!

Bert trains his family

We have also had a chance to see his naughty behaviour when he tries to bully me into something by looking straight in my face and barking in a very challenging way, and occasionally he takes it upon himself to decide whether or not visitors are welcome. We are working on these bits and realise that having spent half his life at the refuge some home manners may take a while to learn. I am going to dog training with Trevor, Georgia and Cecile who all know him well.

On the good side, he has been remarkably tolerant of our two fat domestic ducks who are fly in fly out (to the river) and doesn't chase them (unless they take off under his nose). He also shares the room with our free flying cockatiel Jasper for short periods (at breakfast time) however Jas has no predator awareness at all and pushes his luck so we can't relax for a moment.

Bert trains his family

Bert likes to paddle on the steps of our pool, is enjoying our large terraced garden and is getting me fitter with long daily walks.  He sleeps inside on his own sofa and once settled in for the evening is hard to persuade to get up. He has also trained me into supplementing his dog food with nice food like roast chicken as he denies ever eating dog biscuits. All in all he is settling in remarkably well.


Bert trains his family

Halina and Gerry



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  • This is just the best story ever...........we had Bert for so long, and I could never understand why, because he was the quirkiest, smartest boy, AND with very good manners, except for the occasional 'muzzle punch' when he was excited. Does he still do it?

    Posted by Myrna Lobo, 31/01/2011 12:29pm (8 years ago)

  • Bert's story has made me cry! Whenever I popped by the shelter I always went to see Big Boy Bert, until not long ago when he wasn't there anymore! He has definately won doggy lotto and deserves every bit of being spoilt! Thank goodness for great people like Halina and Gerry and most importantly being patient on allowing him to settle in to his new life!!!

    Posted by Celeste, 12/10/2009 9:16pm (9 years ago)

  • This is awesome. I have seen bert in the refuge home for far too long and is great to hear he has a loving family and a toasty couch instead of his old brick room.
    good on ya halina and gerry

    Posted by peter byatt, 22/09/2009 5:59pm (9 years ago)

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