Big Dogs

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PLEASE NOTE* To adopt a dog from the Dogs' Refuge Home, you will need to have Permanent Residency or Citizenship.


DOB - AUGUST 2013 | Male | Bull Mastiff X

Buddy is a beautiful boy who has had a rough start to life. He needs a human companion. He loves his special time with his humans and loves his cuddles. He is a very loving boy and will reward whoever adopts him ten times over. Buddy must go to people who will include him in their family unit. He must be included in family outings and be an important part in their lives. He needs people who are part time workers as he would miss them too much if left all day.

MY ENERGY LEVEL He will need 2 x 30minute walks a day and lots of mental enrichment to help stimulate his mind and tire him out.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Loves people and should be fine with children however, this will depend on their ages and whether they are dog savvy.

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Appears to be dog social - will require monitoring.


DOB - MAR 2015 | Male | Bull Arab X

Charlie is a lovely big boy looking for a quiet home he can settle into and receive lots of love. Charlie will suit experienced owners who can guide him with ongoing training while keeping him physically and mentally active. Charlie's skin was in a poor condition when he came to us, but he is now ready to find his perfect home. He is super smart and will make an extremely loyal companion in the right home environment.

Charlie will require 2 x 30 minute walks daily. Early morning walks or walks in quieter areas are best; He can become anxious when out walking. Charlie is a very intelligent boy and will need lots of mental enrichment such as being fed from kongs, snuffle mats and puzzles. He loves his toys to chew on and play with, squeaky ducks are his favourite. Training and relaxation games with his humans will help to build a strong bond and relax him.

MY ENERGY LEVEL: Charlie will require 2 x 30 minute walks daily. Early morning walks or walks in quieter areas are best; He can become anxious when out walking. Charlie is a very intelligent boy and will need lots of mental enrichment such as being fed from kongs, snuffle mats and puzzles. He loves his toys to chew on and play with, squeaky ducks are his favourite. Training and relaxation games with his humans will help to build a strong bond and relax him.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Home with older calm teens or adult only.

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Charlie has previously lived with another dog, but will need to be the only animal in the household at this stage. He will benefit from ongoing training.


DOB - FEB 2016 | Male | Bull Arab X

Ted is a bit boy who is in need of an active household where he can have plenty of pace to run.
He loves getting out and about stretching his legs a the park and playing with other canines.
Ted can be a little unsure of people initially but it does not take him long and with a bit of encouragement he will be ready for playtime.
He has good basic obedience, walks well on lead for his size, is food motivated and loves a game of fetch.
Ted will be a loyal companion once settled into his new home he just needs a bit of time & guidance in the beginning.

ADOPTION RECOMMENDATIONS: Ted will require approximately 1.5hrs of exercise daily. Mental enrichment can assist new owners with his activity levels, kongs - chew toys - training games etc.
He may suit full time workers as has coped with this before but best to have time to settle in first.
He can be uncomfortable with new people and will need slow intro's. His space needs to be respected initially with lots of positive rewards for interaction.
Ted has a very playful, energetic side. He has good basic obedience and is very dog social at present.


SUITABILITY TO DOGS AND CATS: Ted is good meeting other dogs however he can become frustrated & reactive when he cant get to them.


DOB - APR 2011 | Male | Mastiff X

Hi my name is Mikey. When I first came to the Refuge I was quite confident. The first week I went out on a Street Appeal and loved it!!I got pats from the public and they loved me! Sadly since being in here there are times I just can't think. It is so stressful for me that I now have social anxiety. I desperately need to get out of this joint to become myself again. To do that I need a special quiet environment. Ideally away in an area that has less population so that I get time and a chance to get back to normal. I need to hear the birds chirping and take in the lovely smell of nature. Somewhere like the hills or Margaret River would be ideal! I am a big strong boy so I need owners who can handle me when needed. In the home my foster carer's said I am an absolute smooch and they loved me to death but when I went to go for a walk their area was too busy and I couldn't relax so I was on alert on our walks every day. Seeing dogs go past makes me more anxious and this makes me stress stack even more which is why I need somewhere quiet to be able to get my thoughts together and chill out. One day I am hoping my social skills will return but for now I need the right home to help me on my journey. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Mikey.

MY ENERGY LEVEL + REQUIREMENTS: The most important thing for this boy is his environment. He will best suit a place that has less population. He needs surrounds that are calming, enabling him to relax instead of being alert. A property (with no other animals as this is too stimulating). Outer metro, semi-rural, large blocks size, places that have lots of bush access around which means he is more likely to stay calm etc. He loves people and generally wants to be were you are all the time so the environment will help him not be as clingy.
Mikey will need 2 x 30 min walks a day and mental enrichment needs through kongs and puzzle toys.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: At this stage we feel Mikey is best suited to a home without children, however, older children (closer to teens) may be okay.

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Mikey is not suited to other dogs or cats in the home.

Patches and Angel

Patches DOB - FEB 2017 | Male | Bull Arab X
Angel DOB - FEB 2017 | Female | Bull Arab X

I'm Patches (the black and white doggo) and this is my sister from another mister, also known as my bestie, Angel!
We're a bonded pair...and we can't be separated because we just won't cope without each other.
I love, I want to be her boyfriend, but she's 'friend zoned' me. That's ok, as long as I'm with her...I really don't care what you label us :-).
We're looking for a hooman who has a big enough heart to adopt two dogs at once! Two dogs means you get DOUBLE the amount of love and happiness!
Myself and Angel are both playful and love affection. We love spending time in the yard together, sniffing things and investigating all of our surroundings. We also love to spend time inside too!
We both have good manners and know how to sit, lay down and we also have good recall too! We could definitely use some more training though - Angel doesn't like me saying it, but she can be a bit of a nutter on lead (not in a bad way) she just gets a bit excitable.
We both feel more comfortable with each other rather than other dogs, so we don't really want to go to a home with another dog.
We may be suitable for full-time workers as we can both keep each other company during the day. We love to just hang out with each other and sometimes even watch a bit of TV - we will need a very secure yard if you plan on leaving us outside when you go to work, cause we kinda like taking ourselves on little adventures!
One last thing before we go...We're not sure about kids at this stage...we're thinking teens would be best :-).
Anyway, if you'd like to give us both a home please come and visit us at 30 Lemnos St, Shenton Park.
Love, Patches and Angel xx



DOB - SEPT 2006 | Female | American Bulldog x Staffy

Rayner is a lovely older lady looking for a home where she can be given lots of company and enjoy a relaxing lifestyle. She came to us in poor condition but this has not deterred her wanting to interact & be friends with you. Rayner will suit a home with someone around most of the time where she can soak up the sun during the day and keep you warm at night inside the home. Rayner would make an ideal companion dog for those who can provide her a relaxing home environment.

Note: Rayner has some medical conditions to be discussed with new owner before adoption.

MY ENERGY LEVEL: Rayner will require approximately 45 minutes exercise daily. She is an older girl and caution not to over exercise as she appears to get sore in her joints / legs.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Older children only.

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Appeared to be dog social however, with age and medical issues would suited to only dog or with another older dog if compatible.

Puerto & Rico

Puerto DOB - SEP 2010 | Male | Border Collie X 
Rico DOB - SEP 2010 | Male | Border Collie X

Meet Puerto & Rico! These gorgeous brothers were brought in when a change in their owner's lifestyle meant they weren't getting the attention they deserved.

Puerto is a little more on the nervous side, and is sensitive to sudden sounds, movements and objects. He loves attention and affection of those he trusts and being indoors.

Rico is the more confident of the pair. He is interested in interacting and exploring new situations. He loves his ball and is always willing to work for treats.

Being 8 years old, these guys are looking for a nice calm household where they will be included as part of the family. Meet this amazing duo today!

OUR ENERGY LEVELS + REQUIREMENTS: Puerto is a timid but gorgeous and sweet boy. He can be fearful of new situations, loud noises, sudden movements, some objects and will need to be given time to explore these at his own pace and not rushed.

-Puerto is fearful of thunderstorms. When one occurs he will need to be inside with someone to be with him and a safe place to be or hide if he wants.

-Must be allowed inside the home.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Puerto and Rico are best suited to teens


DOB - JAN 2016 | Male | Mastiff X

Rocky is a lively lad who has lots of energy so is looking for an active home. He seems to prefer having someone around most of the time. He has lived with another dog and his previous owners report that he gets excited when playing with other dogs. Rocky has some training and would benefit from ongoing learning so would like his new owners to continue with this. His new owners can have fun investigating the types of toys he likes to play with. Rocky likes to have attention and he loves a cuddle.

MY ENERGY LEVEL + REQUIREMENTS: Once settled in he would benefit from two 30-45 minute walks a day as well as enrichment and playtime so he can be mentally & physically stimulated.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Pending meet...Older children may be more suitable as Rocky is strong and energetic so may be too much for smaller children

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Slow introductions recommended as he settles into his new home and his owners get to know him.


DOB - AUG 2017 | Female | Shiba Inu X

Maya is a sweet girl who is timid and dependent on having another dog around for security and comfort. She has been on foster and feedback was she is more active in the evenings/nightime and that she acts more like a cat than a dog! She is not interesting in human contact at the moment and will avoid it so she must be given space and time so she can choose if/when she wants to have contact with her new owners. She needs dedicated owners who understand the demands of having a very fearful and aloof dog, who can take their time to help her build up confidence and develop a bond

MY ENERGY LEVEL + REQUIREMENTS: Maya is timid and fearful at first but will come forward with treats, she will tentatively take them from the hand but can still be unsure and will require owners who can go slowly at her own pace. She can sit on request. She needs to be on-lead at all times outside the home as her fearfulness makes her a high risk of escaping.

SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Maya needs an adult only home.

SUITABILITY TO OTHER DOGS: Maya needs slow introductions to new dogs and should only be introduced to calm, relaxed dogs in a controlled environment


DOB - JUL 2007 | Male | American Staffy X

Lachie is a sweet older boy who is looking for a new home where he can chill out. He seems keen to have your attention and his new owners can have fun investigating the types of toys he likes to play with so he can learn to occupy himself. He has some training and his new owners can continue with this which will help him settle into his new home. He is not keen on other dogs so would be best suited as the only pet in the home. He would also benefit from having someone around most of the day so he can learn to hang out with his new people.

MY ENERGY LEVEL + REQUIREMENTS: We would recommend that Lachie is only taken on neighborhood walks and not taken to any new places or meets any new people for at least the first 4 weeks whilst he is settling in, this is essential bonding time for him and his new owners. After this time, he can start to have on-lead walks in quite areas only but NO dog parks/dog beaches and NO off-lead time due to his level of dog reactivity. Family members should be introduced slowly and in a calm manner so he learns to remain appropriate and polite.
Once settled in he would benefit from two 20 minute walks a day as well as enrichment and playtime so he can be mentally & physically stimulated.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: As we have no history of Lachie being around children we would recommend older children or an adult-only home.

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Lachie does not seem to be dog social so should not be pushed to interact with other dog until he & his new owners have had some intensive 1-on-1 training with a qualified training professional, so he is able to cope more appropriately around other dogs.


DOB - SEP 2016 | Male | Bull Arab X

Mongo is a very intelligent and amazingly calm young Bull Arab x looking for a loving home.
Mongo has been in a training program for the past 10 weeks and has learned and perfected many tricks and polite behaviours: drop to a chin rest, sit, rollover, shake hands, give high five, recall.
Mongo LOVES affection, especially belly rubs. Mongo will need to go to an active home where his energy and mental stimulation requirements are met daily. Mongo will be a large breed dog and learns quickly and will make an excellent family companion in the right home.
Mongo has shown good social skills with other friendly dogs and could be rehomed with an appropriate dog. He should not be rehomed with cats.

MY ENERGY LEVEL + REQUIREMENTS: Mongo will require approximately 2 x 45 minute walks daily once fully grown He will need mental enrichment such as being fed from kongs, toys to chew on / play with as well as training & games with his family daily.
He must attend group obedience classes for further training and maintenance as well as giving him opportunity to meet new friendly dogs and build his confidence levels.
Mongo will need a home with stay at home workers whilst he settles in and begins his training. New owners must commit to staying with him for the first 3-4 weeks, while training him to relax on his own..

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Older dog-savvy teens only

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Mongo is excited to meet other dogs, but will need nice, slow introductions and group obedience classes will be required. Mongo cannot be rehomed with cats.


DOB - MAR 2016 | Female | Boxer X Shar Pei

Hey people of Perth,
It's me, Sophie...but you can call me Soph if you like.
I'm a 2.5-year-old female Boxer X Shar Pei.
I despawrately need a home. I suffer from terrible nightmares which I think is me just being stressed out about my living sitch at the mo.
When everyone is warm in their beds, I'm here trying to close my eyes and drift off into a peaceful sleep, but instead I dream about all the things that scare me :-(. Like, never finding a home! My nightmares were so much better when I was in foster, cause my Foster Ma' would wake me up and cuddle me and then I'd fall back asleep into a peaceful sleep...but at the shelter there's no one to comfort me at night, so my nightmares occur for most of the night.
Ok, well I guess I better tell you about myself. I'm a very loveable girl. I'm basically like a puppy in an adult doggo's body. I still have a lot to learn, so please don't judge me because I'm not pawfect - I wasn't really given the right start to life. I'm slowly learning more manners which I'm pretty proud of.
Some things you should know about me:
🚺 I LOVE to suck on hoomin toes.
🚺 I'm very clumsy
🚺 I quite enjoy stealing socks and shoes (I just love anything to do with FEET)
🚺 I'm soooo SMART but pretty stubborn
🚺 I'm currently learning to sit and wait for food (I'm acing it FYI!)
🚺 I'm unsure of men (I'll need new men to just ignore me until I come to them for pats)
🚺 I LOVE to stick my head in the foodirator (fridge) and the's where all the yum-yums are kept!
🚺 I like to drink water out of the toilet - it's a delicacy a long with the toe licking :-D
🚺 I love to chase the broom when the hoominz are using it
🚺 I HATE the CAR
🚺 I'm the most loving and affectionate pooch you'll meet
🚺 I love to rest my head on my hoominz feetz.
🚺 I find it more comfortablez to sleep on my back
I'm far too excitable for young kids...I just don't know what to do with them! Do I sniff them, do I jump and paw them...what do I do!? I'm also a bit too excitable for most other pooches - I really just need an awesome hoomin or hoominz to give me a home and help me with my training first, so then in the future I can meet doggo's properly.
I'm not going to be a 'plug-and-play' pooch...I do need a little bit of work, but I promise you, I will spend the rest of my life thanking you every day. We can share our lives together and be happy that we found each other.


DOB - MAR 2016 | Female | Heeler X Bull Arab

Hi my name is Skye. I am a young energetic girl and i am extremely intelligent. I need owners who will commit to my on going 1:1 training with a qualified behavioural trainer. Being in the refuge has been extremely stressful for me being couped up for long periods of time so I need a home where my owners are able to commit to my mental and physical requirements and understand my needs. I would be best suited to experienced owners who exercise daily who will include me in their daily routine. Camping and other activities would be fine. A property i would love where i can run and have fun every day.

MY ENERGY LEVEL + REQUIREMENTS: Skye will require approximately 1.5 hours of exercise daily. She will need mental enrichment -feeding her meals in kongs, lots of toys to chew on / play with as well as training & games with her new family often.

She must have several 1:1 sessions with qualified behaviour trainer and this must begin within the 1st week of adoption. She must be adopted to experienced people who have the time and money to commit to her ongoing training and management for life.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Skye is not suitable for any children under 18-years-old.

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Skye is dog social however she is pretty full on. She is very polite with her meets and greets but her play is quite boisterous so definitely not for the faint hearted.


DOB - MAY 2017 | Male | Staffy X

Saint is a well mannered pooch who is awaiting his right humans to provide him with a loving home.
He loves to be in the company of his people and is most happy soaking up the sunshine and spending quality time with you.
Saint can be a bit unpredictable meeting new dogs however he walks well and is happy to ignore them from a short distance.
Prefer experienced dog owners for this boy.
He will be a great, loyal companion for the right person/s once settled into his new home.

ADOPTION RECOMMENDATIONS: Saint will require approx 1 hour of exercise daily plus mental enrichment at home such as kongs, chew toys and games with his family.
He may suit full time workers once settled into his new home however may need time with his people before being left for long periods.
Saint is a clever boy, relaxed and well mannered with people. He has been quite stressed in kennel but once out in the yard was quite calm and pleasant.
He appears to know some basic obedience and will focus well for food.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Children 13+ may be ok for Saint

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Saint is choosy with his dog friends. He prefers females. He is not a dog for a dog park or beach.


DOB - JUL 2011 | Female | Mastiff X

I'm Phoenix and I'm a 6-year-old female Mastiff X.
I've arrived at the Refuge, lost and not really sure what is in store for me next. I was told that I'm going up for adoption because I need to find a new home. I asked the Refuge when my hoomans were coming to get me and they told me some sad news and now I must start all over again :-(.
I'm not sure what I did, or why I was waiting in the pound for so long, but I'm here now and that means I get a second chance.
I'm a very friendly lady and I get that sparkle in my eye when I meet hoomans that I instantly connect with - some hoomans take a little longer to sniff, but generally I'm a lovely lady who appreciates the company of hoomans.
Even though I'm a big breed gal, I'm always mindful of my size and I'm quite gentle in the home, but can be a bit strong on lead at times. The Refuge has shown me this cool balance harness and they say it's much easier to walk me on one of those thinga-ma-jigs.
I have to admit, I'm worried I'm going to become dog reactive if I stay here too long. I came here with an open mind and I've met a few other dogs here and I was such a good girl, but with all things in life, stress can cause you to go backwards, so I really need to get out of here ASAP!
I think I'd be okay with kids, probably over 10-years-old...just because of my size. I'm such a sweet lady and I think I'd be a great friend for older kids :-).
I don't need anything fancy...I just need a home and someone to love me. So, if you think you can give me the home I deserve, please come and visit me.


DOB - JUL 2006 | Male | Rottweiler X

Maverick is a gorgeous boy that just wants to be rubbed, if you stop he will clearly tell you not to by nudging your hand. Don`t be fooled by his age though he does still hop around like a puppy when you get him all excited. Maverick is desperately looking for a home that will be his forever!

MY ENERGY LEVEL + REQUIREMENTS: Maverick is looking for a calm home where he does not have to worry about young kids bothering him and he can just relax. Although he is older he will still require approx 2 x 30 minute walks daily this will decrease as he grows so it is best to keep on eye on him. Full time workers are fine but must be inside with his mum and dad when they are home as it is what he is used to.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Maverick is not suitable for children of any ages and he will not tolerate them visiting either.

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Maverick is an older gent that prefers his own space. He hasn't been around other dogs much and he does not appear to want to meet any new dogs.


DOB - JUNE 2012 | Female | Bull Mastiff X

Indi has been in a foster home for two weeks and carers reports that she loves to play and wants to be doing whatever you are doing. When walking she is fine with traffic but is strong on the lead and would suit an active family. She would benefit from consistent and positive training from her new owners so she can settle into their new home and this will help build a bond with her.

MY ENERGY LEVEL + REQUIREMENTS: Indie will need approximately 45 mins of exercise daily, Full time workers may be ok for her once settled in. Indie takes time to warm up to new people (environment playing a role in this). She will need owners who can go slowly with her and help her build her trust.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Indie is not suitable for children

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Indie needs to be the only dog in her home. She may be okay to meet other dogs outside of the home in controlled environments once she has settled in


DOB - AUG 2010 | Male | Bull Arab  X

Oh, hello there.
I'm trying to get the hang of the internet, so please bear with me!
I'm Raynor, a 7-year-old male Bull Arab X.
I'm one of the friendliest guys you'll ever meet. I love to introduce myself to people and am not shy to get straight in there for a sneaky snuggle! Snuggling up nice and close to hoomans is my favourite hobby! Some people even call me 'Raynor - the Snuggle King' or 'Raynor, Sir Snugglelots'.
I honestly thought I'd be snapped up straight away because I'm the pawfect gentleman, I'm well-mannered, friendly and gentle, but alas I'm still waiting for a new home.
You may notice if you come and visit me that I've got quite a lot of scarring on my body - I've blocked out how that happened, but I'm guessing you can tell that maybe I didn't have the best past. I'm looking towards the future now and I'm ready for a truck-load of TLC from my new hoomans and can't wait to start this new chapter in my life.
I'm ok with other woofa's, but sometimes I can be picky, so it's always super-dooooper impawtant that my meet-and-greets with doggos are done slowly and under adult supervision.
Speaking of adult supervision, I actually don't mind the mini hoomans too much - but the older the better! Perhaps over 10-years-old would suit me best. I'm kind of borderline medium/large doggo, so I wouldn't want to have the really little hoomans around, just in case!
I'm okay if you have to go to that place where you make the monies so you can buy me pretty things, but please make sure you leave me with lots of 'pretty things' to play with so I don't get bored...and always remember to make sure I get my physical exercise because I want to always look great, and also it kinda tires me out so I'm content during the day if you have to work!
Anywho, PLEASE adopt me :) I'm at 30 Lemnos St, Shenton Park.
Be sure to tell your friends!!!
Love, Raynor xo


DOB - SEP 2011 | Male | American Bulldog Purebred

Rocky will need a calm and consistent household to make is home. He doesn't seemed to have much previous training & would benefit from owner/s who can put lots of time into this using positive / reward based methods. Ideally he would need to go home with someone who has owned large breed dogs before as he can be quite strong and full on at times.
Rocky will need time to settle into his new home and would be best if not left for long hours alone until he has settled in / bonded with his new family.
Rocky will make a wonderful companion for the right people.

MY ENERGY LEVEL + REQUIREMENTS: Rocky will require approximately 45 minutes of exercise daily. Lots of playtime and companionship with his family is essential for Rocky's settling and overall wellbeing. He may suit full time workers once settled into his new home.
Rocky is a strong boy and is recommended for a balance harness to assist owners with handling. Physically capable owners are a requirement and he needs a positive / reward based training approach.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Due to his size and strength he would not be suitable to go home with young children, pending a meet older teenage children may be suitable.

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Rocky is not suited to dog parks / beaches etc and will need time to settle into his new home before being introduced to new dogs. This will need to be done in a controlled manner and with a calm, slow approach. Rocky needs to be the only dog in his home.


DOB - SEP 2016 | Female | Staffy X 

Hello people of Perth,
I'm Banca and I'm a 2-year-old female Staffy X.
I'm currently having a sleep over at a volunteer's house because I don't like staying in kennels at all. I'll be coming back to the Refuge tomorrow and would really like to find a new home as quickly as I can, so I don't have to spend too much time in the shelter.
I'd even be happy with another foster home for now!
I'm a spritely young lady who loves nothing more than affection from my hoomans. I'm can be excitable at times and I love a game of soccer or a good ol' fashioned walkies.
I don't really know how to react to other dogs at this stage. I get a bit too excited and then sometimes bark at them, which can make them feel uncomfortable. So, I'll need hoomans who won't rush me and will allow me to meet other friendly dogs in a calm and controlled environment. Group obedience classes could help with this!
In my spare time I love to snuggle into the couch or try to catch flies with my mouth! Two of my greatest talents :D
Because I'm quite a big girl and can get excited easily, I think older children would be best, but we can always meet at the Refuge and see how we go!
Alright, I'm off for my morning walkies.
If you'd like to enquire about me, please call 9381 8166.
Love always,


DOB - JAN 2017 | Male | Catahoula X

Hiya folks, I'm Morty!
Ah mah gooossshhh, it's a great day to be alive, isn't it!?
It's #WorldKindnessDay and I'm hoping someone is kind enough to give me my dream home!
I'm a little babehhh at only 10-months-old and I'm a male Catahoula X, also known as a Leopard Dog.
My dream home consists of:
Lots of cuddles
Lots of walkies
Lots of training games
Lots of treats (but not too many or I'll get chubby!)
Lots of adventures
Catahoula's are very smart doggo', seriously smart! Please don't let my intelligence go to waste...I'd LOVE to attend puppy classes so I can put my brain to work and learn how to politely meet other dogs and to also learn some general obedience.
Did you know I'm a working breed? I'm going to need around 1.5 hours of exercise each day to keep me happy and healthy! I prefer to be exercised in nice quiet areas like bush tracks.
I'm a companion dog through and through and must not be left to live my life outside...I love my humans very much and appreciate being allowed inside as much as possible, so I can be around the people that make me so happy.
I think that I would get on well with older kids...maybe teens? I'm quite jumpy and still have a lot of manners to learn, so it's best if they're a bit older!
So, if you'd like to give me a home, please come and see me at 30 Lemnos St, Shenton Park.
From your future best mate, Morty xo


DOB - JUN 2013 | Male | American Staffy X

Doug is a handsome boy who is not enjoying life in kennels and is after a home where he can relax with his new family.
He will need time to settle into his new home and should be carefully managed with lots of mental enrichment, quiet walks and lots of little training games to help him bond with his owner/s.
This will go a long way to ensuring Doug is given the best chance of a successful re homing.
He can be a bit full on at times and does not manage his stress well in new environments. Reports from his previous home were good when it came to dog sociability however he will still need time to adjust before making new doggy friends.
Doug has quite an affectionate side to him and loves going for walks.
In time he is sure to become a loving, super loyal addition to the home.

MY ENERGY LEVEL + REQUIREMENTS: Doug will require approximately 1 hour of exercise daily. It is imperative he is walked in quiet, low traffic areas away from other dogs during his first few weeks as he settles and bonds with his new owner/s. Bush walks where he can sniff lots are best! Doug may not cope with full time workers and may take some time adjusting to his new home. Mental enrichment is important for him, kongs, puzzle toys, chew toys as well as training games at home will help him settle in and give an outlet for his mental stimulation.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Doug is best suited to older kids in the home

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Doug MUST be given a few weeks to settle into his new home, quiet walks away from other dogs during this period. New owners may then begin to introduce him to new dogs slowly in an controlled environment and progressing from there.


DOB - JUN 2017 | Male | Mastiff X Catahoula

Dash is a very large boy who is looking for a loving new home. He is still a puppy at heart so he'd like his new owners to take him to training sessions so he can learn his social skills and manners. He is big and strong so he would like owners who are able to handle his size and energy levels and give him consistency so he can become a polite and appropriate adult and enjoy meeting new people and have doggie friends in the future.

Dash will need training straight away so his new owners are able to have some control of him.
He is focused on treats, so this will help with training.

As Dash is big, strong and currently jumps up a lot, we would not recommend that he is homed with children or older people as he is likely to be too much for them to handle.

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Dash may be ok with polite and calm dogs given slow introductions.


DOB - DEC 2016 | Female | Mastiff X

Mandi is a beautiful and affectionate girl ready to find the right family to take her in.
She is a bit rough around the edges and needs to learn appropriate manners include basic obedience, walking on lead and social skills with other dogs.
She will make a lovely, loyal and affectionate family member once settled into her new home environment.

MY ENERGY LEVEL + REQUIREMENTS: Mandi will require approximately 1 hour of exercise daily. Mental enrichment will be very beneficial as she settles into her new home - kongs, chew toys and training games with her new family as part of her routine.
Mandi needs owners who can handle her and take their time whilst teaching her appropriate manners especially confidence around other dogs.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Mandi would do best with older children in the home pending meet.
She can be jumpy at times and lacks basic manners but is very friendly and affectionate.

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: She will need time to settle into her new home before being introduced to new dogs.
This will need to be done slowly in a controlled manner and owners must be aware of her warning signs if she is uncomfortable.

Jackson and Syren

DOB Jackson - AUG 2009 | Male | Mastiff X
DOB Syren - MAY 2006 | Female | Mastiff X

Jackson is a gorgeous older boy who is looking for a new home with his mum, Syren. They are very close and don't cope well when apart.
Jackson is keen to interact and remains calm and polite. He enjoys a fuss, chewing on tennis balls and hanging out in the yard with Syren. He has been polite when meeting a couple of other dogs here. Jackson is a really lovely boy so if you're looking for dogs to hang out with then Jackson and Syren could be the ones for you!

MY ENERGY LEVEL + REQUIREMENTS: These two gorgeous seniors, won't need any strenuous exercise, just a nice gentle walk daily plus mental enrichment toys to keep them occupied. These two may suit full-time workers as they have each other for company.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Jackson and Syren would be best in a home without kids. They are wanting somewhere quite and relaxing to retire.

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Jackson and Syren don't seem too phased by other dogs, however they do prefer their own space.


DOB - JAN 2017 | Female | Staghound X

Aliyah has energy to burn. We feel she will excel with another dog in the household to get rid of some of her energy. She will be a bit of a project at this time as she is a little cautious of being handled however we're sure this can be turned around quickly with the right people. Please ask to see her.

Aliyah will need people who are willing initially to do some work with her. She is very responsive to handling work. She is a dog at present that needs time to get to know you and sus you out. We feel another dog may help with this. She isn't scared but will let you know if she doesn't like something. At this time she needs experience handlers however she is a girl who could turn around very quickly with the right owners and dog.
She could suit full time workers providing all her physical and mental needs are met. At least 2x 45 mins a day and mental enrichment. She is a high-energy dog and will go stir crazy if she doesn't get her mental and physical needs met.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Aliyah is best suited to older teens due to her boisterousness and her need for on-going training

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Aliyah seems to be keen to make friends with other dogs when she is introduced appropriately and slowly.


DOB - MAR 2014 | Male | Staffy X 

Hello there!
I'm Ace and I'm a 4.5-year-old male Staffy X and it's my pawleasure to meet you!
I'm pretty upset that I'm technically homeless :(
I'm currently in foster, but I came to the Refuge because I wasn't very good with the cat that I lived with...or the chickens.
Those feathered things are so weird...and don't even get me started on the cat!
Anyway, apparently my tail knocks expensive things over when I'm waggling it and I wasn't really coping when my human would leave the house for longer periods of time....but even though I may have a few tinsy-tiny flaws, I'm still an awesome pooch with a big heart!
I'm now in foster though and so grateful I'm not in kennels.
My foster Ma' is awesome. I get to sleep inside at night time and I get to spend lots of time with her....I really do luff her and hope that I find someone as equally loving and awesome as she is.
I love when she gives me toys...because I friggin' looove hiding them for later. It really bamboozles my foster Ma'. She tries to find all my hidey spots but so far, she's had no luck...hehehe! Actually, I can't even find my bloody hiding spots either...that's how good they are!!!
One thing I won't hide is my love for YOU! I'm a sensitive new aged doggo and I want to show you just how much I love you...with kisses and licks and cuddles.
I love my exercise and enjoy two walks per day! I love getting out into the sunshine and sniffing everything in sight.
I'm looking for a home without any other pets, as I need a nice and quiet home to encourage me to find my zen. I can be a little boisterous at times, but in the right environment I can calm down whack on some classical jazz tunes, light some incense and give me a belly rub and I'll be in heaven!'s all up to you now! If you think I'm pretty "Ace" ;-)
please call my friends at the Refuge on 9381 8166.
From your new bud,



DOB - APR 2017 | Male | Rhodesian Ridgeback X

Floyd is a sweet guy with a striking appearance! He is a friendly but pretty high strung guy who can get stressed and frustrated easily. This means he will need a family that can be 2 steps ahead of him and provide him with what he needs physically and mentally.

Some new situations can make Floyd uneasy so a slow approach is always best. Floyd needs a family where someone is at least home part time as he does stress when left alone.

Floyd will do best as the only pet in the household at this stage. His new family will have to be committed to ongoing training so he can become the best he can be! If you think you can offer Floyd the loving home he deserves, please enquire about meeting him!

MY ENERGY LEVEL + REQUIREMENTS: Floyd is a nice guy but very highly strung and struggles to cope in some situations. He can also be fearful of new things and will need plenty of time to settle into his new home and get to know his family. He should never be rushed into anything he is uncomfortable with.

Floyd will need a committed family. Ideally 2 long walks daily, one before work/going out and one later in day. He will also need playtime in the yard. Mental stimulation is just as important and he will need interesting activities to keep him busy both when you're home and out.

Floyd is responsive to positive training and this is vital to practice with him to improve his manners and self control both inside the home and in public. This will need to be kept up throughout his life and it is advisable in time to get Floyd into some kind of dogs sports eg: agility.

SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Older children only.

SUITABILITY TO OTHER DOGS: Floyd should be the only dog in the home at this stage. New owners to continue working with him on his reaction to other dogs in public and promote calm behavior around them. He should never be allowed to rush up to another dog. He is very full on and intense with other dogs and this can escalate quickly.