Big news from Charlie

Posted by Kylie Hildebrand on 7 January 2010 | 1 Comments


Dear Friends at the Shenton Park Dogs' Refuge Home, this is Charlie (formerly Chanel), I am writing to update you on the whereabouts and goings on in my life now that I have left the Dogs' Home. Since moving in with my new boyfriend, Sammy and his family, I have done many exciting things!

Big news from Charlie

I met the family and his cats who I find incredibly interesting (although I'm not sure they feel the same about me). I enjoyed some quality time at the Dogs Home on holiday with Sam, while the family was away for the week!

Every morning, I wake up and head off on my walk with Sam before coming home to a big breakfast which always tastes fantastic! Sammy however is only treated to a morning snack as he is no longer a puppy like me and needs to lose a bit of weight (his metabolism isn't as quick as mine). I have heard that he gets more than me for dinner though so I suppose it evens out.

Throughout the day, while Mum works and my 'sisters' go to school, I play with Sam and his toys (which he never seems to be that interested in - I can't think why!?!). Together we dig holes in the lawn, sleep, romp around and just the other day we discovered the entrance to the roof which the rats use. While Sambo is content to just sit and watch them way up there, my skills as a ratter are developing well...I also enjoy long walks and regular trips to the beach and park with Sammy. I have learnt to play fetch which Sam reckons I am pretty good at (I am). My training to be a good ambassador for the canine race has begun and I am well on my way to sitting, dropping, staying and coming on command. I am also very good at walking on the lead when Sammy is not there. We don't mean to, but the outcome of most walks together is an amazing race (between the 2 of us), to wherever we are going, even if we don't know ourselves. That is why Samoa has taken on important sniffing business of his own when I have lead walking practice.

Big news from Charlie

This year (well last year now), I enjoyed my first Christmas! What excitement!! I got a large toy goose from Santa Claws and Sammy (reluctantly) shared his large rawhide chew with me (teehee). I personally think that he couldn't possibly have finished it without my help, he thinks otherwise. Sammy and I were also treated to leftover tid-bits from Christmas Lunch! Delicious! I sure LOVE Christmas time!

Since I moved in, I have starred in a television commercial with Sammy, (originally directed by Baz Luhrmann) for Chanel No. 5 perfume. The role came easily and I enjoyed my experience on set so much that I have signed many more contracts for future music videos and a possible film. I shall send you my autograph as well as a copy of my productions when they are completed.

Well, now it's 2010, a brand new year to smell the smells, see the sights and wag our tails! I am honoured to say (and very pleased) that my Sammy has proposed to me and so, naturally, our marriage is planned for early October. I just can't wait til then...I will write again later on in the year but woof for now!

Big news from Charlie

Love and Licks,
Charlie xxx

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  • Channel, I mean Charlie, what a fantastic fun filled life you have. You have been adopted by a wonderful family, and you have the world at your feet by the sounds of things. I was actually thinking about adopting you myself, I thought you were so gorgeous.

    Posted by Iris Lennon, 11/01/2010 1:55am (9 years ago)

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