Billy doesn't need to be told twice

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 16 June 2011 | 3 Comments


We adopted Billy Boy on Saturday the 11th June.....we lost our beautiful kayne, a red cloud kelpie/wiemarana last March and then our adored English staffy this March...heartbreaking, as they had both been with us, an integral part of our family, since our children were in primary school, for some 14 years. We had actually agreed to having a break...before getting another dog.....not realisiing it was only to be a short break!!!!


We came to the refuge a week ago after I saw Bruno in the post...I was so pleasantly surprised at the open air enclosures, the comfy beds, toys for each dog...made the sadness of them being homeless a little more bearable.....they were being so well catered to and looked after...that was extremely comforting.

We returned last weekend and my daughter noticed Billy (formerly known as Hugo) who had only been with you for only some 10 days...she took photos, we went home and showed Dad, came back to the shelter and started the paperwork. Billy was brought out to see if we were compatible (Dad having left the Eagles game to be part of the assessment when contacted by phone). Compatibility assessed and done, we put Billy in our car and headed home. We did not have any intention of doing this today!!!!!!!!

As we had a dinner date, he was lovingly babysat by our daughter and her boyfriend. They LOVED him and mum and dad checked how he was going by phone!!! He cuddled up in a ball on our daughter's lap as they watched tv together and loved listening to the piano!


So, to our first night!!!!!!! Billy has his own bed in our bedroom and woke many times, going to dad's side, being told to go back to bed....waking again...going to mum's side....this went on through the night.....truly like having a newborn again!!!!!! Early in the morn,  dad went to the ensuite, to go to the bathroom. Billy noted this, then watched mum's turn and then decided it was Billy's, and went to the bathroom in the ensuite....if it's ok for them, it's ok for me!!!!! Everyone makes mistakes!!!!!!!!!

During Sunday, only his second day, the whole family was home and full attention was on Billy. He discovered a place for his own toileting, which is also very acceptable to everyone...clever dog...and we are taking him there and giving him rewards. He showed some interest in getting a hold of a leather shoe but has not done it again. He's a clever, beautiful boy who it seems so far only needs to be told once. Hope this continues!!!!

Now to Sunday night.....could we bear another sleepless night? It was not to be...Billy only woke once, went and gave dad a nudge, was taken outside and then he came back in and slept until morning at which time he gave beautiful kisses!

Billy sleeping

Today, dad was home with Billy all day. He made him a new dog door going out from the bedroom, which he has mastered and bought him some healthy treats. He found his new lead and collar and dropped them on the ground...hint hint....first walk soon.

Tonight, Billy has happily greeted everyone and has put himself to bed for a very early night. I sense he has relaxed, feels secure and finally is getting to sleep...peacefully.....he needs to sleep in order to put on some much needed weight before his op in July.

In summary, amazingly we see both our dogs in Billy's personality. We are all very happy to have him in our lives.

Billy on his bed

Thank you to all staff for their wonderful service.

Billy's new family.

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  • You have really given Billy a fantastic home full of love and care. I know how difficult it is losing our beautiful fur children, so thank you so much for reaching into your heart and finding some more love to give.

    Posted by Jackie, 20/06/2011 4:55pm (7 years ago)

  • Such a wonderful story and so glad he is being loved. Thank you so much for sharing it. Lynda

    Posted by lynda, 17/06/2011 2:12pm (7 years ago)

  • this makes my heart glad!

    Posted by Nat, 17/06/2011 12:55am (7 years ago)

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