Billy is "mad" for play time

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 4 April 2010 | 2 Comments


Just to let you all know how things are going with Billy (formerly Tom) who we adopted on 9th January 2010.

The first few days were difficult as our other dog, Ruby, was very aloof - possibly still grieving for our dog Bernard, who passed away on 22nd December 2009. Billy persisted, coaxing her to play and eventually she relented and now they are the best of friends.

Billy and Ruby in the sandpit

We play ball every morning for half an hour and every evening go for a 30-60  minute walk. From 9.00pm til 9.15pm they have a "mad" 15 minutes - running through the house, jumping on beds and generally being silly - it's wonderful to watch!

Billy is still mouthing occasionally, but nowhere near as much as he used to. He's good on the lead and in the car too. He will be meeting our vet next week for a check-up and his vaccination.

All in all, Billy has brought so much joy into our home and I can't imagine life without him - we all love him so much.

Keep up the good work, you are very specialy people.

Kindest regards

Mrs J Fenton

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  • Billy is looking so good.
    He is so lucky.

    Posted by Iris Lennon, 15/04/2010 3:58pm (8 years ago)

  • So happy to hear that Billy has settled down with his new family.
    He looks so comfortable and loved.

    Posted by Jackier Varischetti, 07/04/2010 8:56pm (8 years ago)

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