Bo is a real charmer

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 18 September 2013 | 4 Comments


I thought I’d let you know about another success story from Shenton Park.


I adopted Bo in November 2011. All I know about Bo before he was brought to Shenton was that he was found wondering the streets and had been there awhile.

I hadn’t seen him until the lady who was helping me look mentioned they had a dog behind the counter. He had the silly cone around his head as he came out and ran straight towards me pawing for my attention. The lady said she had never seen him do that to anyone before and of cause, the very next day I took him home.

Bo is the most charming, affectionate and individual dog I’ve ever known. He has to always know where I am and will wait on the sofa for me to come home. He is strong minded (sometimes not taking no for an answer) and must sleep on the end of my bed. He still isn’t happy with strangers and unknown dogs invading his space, but I think that’s more to do with his unknown past.


Apart from that he absolutely loves his walks and must have one everyday otherwise he gets cabin fever. He hates water with a passion, which makes bath time hilarious for some.

I don’t think anyone now would recognise the scruffy little white mop he was before.

To everyone at Shenton Park Dog Refuge thank you,


P.s. I’ve attached photos of Bo a couple days after we got him and him now. Enjoy!

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  • Some things are just meant to happen. Bo has found his happiness. Thank you.

    Posted by Leah, 10/10/2013 1:37am (5 years ago)

  • Thanks so much for giving Bo the opportunity to find love and happiness. He is a real cutie!!!

    Posted by Jackie, 01/10/2013 8:52pm (5 years ago)

  • Bo must have known that you were a very special person the day you walked into the dog refuge, he chose you, and what an excellent decision he made. Thank you for giving him a beautiful life!

    Posted by Adele, 28/09/2013 8:57pm (5 years ago)

  • What a wonderful story Emma,and thank god for people like you,it's like this little ball of fluff was meant for you,it sounds like he now has the perfect life.

    Posted by Dot , 19/09/2013 12:49pm (5 years ago)

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