Bonded Pairs

Sometimes our dogs have already found their pawfect match of the canine kind when they come to us and we just can't bring ourselves to split them up - so instead, we search for a special kind of home who can accommodate two beautiful dogs, instead of one. By adopting a bonded pair, you'll be rescuing two souls instead of one and your dogs will already have a companion to keep them company when their human family isn't around.

The term “bonded pair” indicates a duo of dogs that, for whatever reason, are strongly attached and need to be adopted into the same home together.

Bonded Pairs currently at the Refuge

Bear and Ollie

DOB Bear - FEB 2011 | Male | Cocker Spaniel X
DOB Ollie - JAN 2012 | Female | Mini Schnauzer X Kelpie

Ollie & Bear are a wonderful bonded pair eager to find a new loving family of their own.
They were surrendered through no fault of their own, are very happy playful pooches and need to be re-homed together.
Ollie & Bear both love the chance to go for walks, play games of fetch and receive lots of companionship from their humans.
They have lived with young children before and get along well with other well mannered doggies they meet.
Ollie & Bear are lovely dogs and are sure to fit in nicely to their new home & family.

MY ENERGY LEVEL + REQUIREMENTS: Ollie & Bear will require approximately 45 minutes of exercise daily. They love playing fetch and this should be incorporated as part of their daily routine. Ollie & Bear have good basic manners, mostly house trained, walk well on lead and are quite playful.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Ollie & Bear have lived with young children previously without any issues.
They are very friendly, playful and happy dogs with good manners.

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Ollie & Bear are good with other dogs as long as they are appropriate with them.
Ollie can get overwhelmed when too many dogs are around so this should be taken into account.



Bogie and Gabbie

DOB - Bogie JUN 2006 | Male | King Charles Cavalier X
DOB - Gabbie JUN 2006 | Female | King Charles Cavalier X

Bogie & Gabbie are a lovely, happy pair of Spaniels who find themselves searching for a furever home. They were surrendered due to unfortunate circumstances and no fault of their own.
Both dogs have wonderful, happy personalities and are very affectionate having lived with young children and cats previously too. Bogie is always keen to play and will bring you his tennis ball for a game of fetch. Gabbie is more into cuddles aqnd lapping up the affection.
They are a wonderful pair and a home big enough for the both of them will be rewarded with excellent, loving family members.

MY ENERGY LEVEL + REQUIREMENTS: Bogie & Gabbie will require approximately 1 x 30 minute walk daily. They are overweight and should be on a strict diet & exercise plan to aid with weight loss for overall health. Bogie & Gabbie may suit full time workers as they have each other for company.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Bogie & Gabbie have lived with young children in the home previously without any issues.
Pending meet.

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Bogie and Gabbie are friendly dogs and are good with other polite and calm dogs. They have also lived with cats without any issues.



Bella and Hershey - ADOPTED!

DOB Hershey - SEP 2011 | Male | Heeler X
DOB Bella - AUG 2011 | Female | Border Collie X

Hi, our names are Bella and Hershey,
We met here at the refuge and are now best of friends. Both of us have a fear of men and because of this we completely understand each other. Our trainers' decided to put us up for adoption together as being together has given us much more confidence. We now find it easier to interact with new people and say hi. We are also a lot happier within ourselves and more relaxed. This will still have to be managed with us in our new homes and we both realise that our new owner will have their work cut out for them. Being here at the refuge we aren't threatened or put into a position where we are not comfortable so it has been really cool, however Bella is starting to stress a little now and she is getting a little grumpy of living in a small space with me 24/7. We both absolutely love other dogs however like anything if our underlying anxiety isn't monitored and managed we could take this out on our pals. This is why it is really important we find the perfect home. This could be out on a property, a lower trafficked area like Mundaring or Brigadoon or a quiet suburb in suburbia. The problem with suburbia is there are more people around for us to worry about, however if you are the right person you could keep us safe. There are lots of variables with all of these being, the place we go to live has got to be a quiet home. We could not cope with a busy household as this would make our anxiety stack. Ideally we are looking for a lady by herself who doesn't have many people over however if you are a couple the right male may be ok but our trainers would have to decide. We don't take long to get to know you and once bonded we are real cuddle bunnies and will love you to death. All our handlers absolutely adore us and think we are the best and worth the effort. We would ideally love to play in the hills. If you can offer us our forever homes we will love you eternally.

MY ENERGY LEVEL + REQUIREMENTS: We both need about 1 hour of exercise each day in quiet area's away from people, please.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: We are not suited to children of any ages and should not have children visiting our home.

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: We're both quite social with other dogs, but need a nice quiet home for jus the two of us. We also shouldn't be introduced to dogs right-away, we need loads of time to settle into our new home and environment first.