Bones melts hearts

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Bones (Fernando) came home with us early February 2009. He took my breath away when I first met him being walked by Karen at the Refuge. Only days after first meeting Bones I introduced him to my fiancé Ange who attended the refuge with me. She also immediately fell in love with Bones and we decided he was the dog for us. Bones is registered as a Pit Bull cross, however I was prepared to meet all requirements set by my local council to bring Bones home.

Bones melts hearts

Once home I realised Bones had a rash on his stomach and paws which seemed to be from an allergy. The Refuge were great, and referred me to Subiaco Vet where Bones has since been treated, and the rash is no longer a problem for him. Since he's been home, we have had a ball with him.

He still makes me melt when he smiles at me, and he has such good manners inside the house, and out at the local park. Training has been quite easy (he already knew a lot!) and he has been keen to learn.

Interaction with dogs and people has been great with no incidents. People love to meet Bones and pat him. He still loves his toys, however the squeaky ones don't last too long before he destroys them, so they are saved for very special occasions. Bones is trendy and also very popular on Facebook with his own profile.

Bones melts hearts

Bones is a huge part of our young family and we feel so lucky to have been able to bring him into our lives. The volunteers and staff at the refuge are brilliant, especially Karen and Sue who gave us a lot of time and good information. They are doing a fantastic job and we will be visiting them with Bones as much as possible and donating money to support them.

Thank you,
Johnny and Ange

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