Booker settles in beautifully

Posted by Karen Rhodes on 2 October 2009 | 3 Comments


As promised here is an update for Booker (formerly Tonka) who has been with us now for only 3 weeks but I really can't imagine being without him now, he is the most awesome company when Andrew is away working. He has really settled in beautifully and we are still amazed at how smoothly it has gone.

Booker settles in beautifully

When we brought him home we fully expected and prepared for some settling in and behaviour hiccups but he has brought us nothing but smiles. We also had concerns about him pestering the Ragdoll cats excessively after he only passed his cat test at SP by a whisker, hehe, but as I had suspected once we did get him home our older cat quickly established that he was still the boss and that's how it has stayed.

Luckily the Ragdolls are peacefull negotiators and there has been no scratches on the nose, they just stare Booker down with big blue eyes and refuse to run, even when he snorts like a pig and does a few lamb springs to try and stir them up. Now a few weeks down the track the cats are fascinated with Booker and they follow him around the house to see what he is doing.

Booker settles in beautifully

We have been going for lovely long walks which has also been great for my health and I have found that he really doesn't crave loads of exercise, once he has had a good sniff and a play to stretch his legs he is very happy to stretch out on his favourite cushion and laze around, he is a very peaceful boy. I really had forgotten how much I missed having a dog around but so quickly reminded that it is well worth the work involved for all the love that comes back x10.

I think we will join group obedience classes soon as he has not shown any aggression to other dogs out walking but occasionally is a bit over enthusiastic when greeting some dogs. I will keep you all updated with how he is going again in the future. Hope you like the photos I have attached. He always looks a bit worried when I point the camera at him but I'm hoping that soon it won't bother him because I do it a lot.

Regards Tania, Andrew & Booker

Booker settles in beautifully

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  • Tonka is such an amazing dog! With his help, I managed to collect $437.15 at the street appeal in 2 hrs. I should quit my job. Love u Tonka!!

    Posted by Adelene Wee, 19/10/2009 5:41pm (9 years ago)

  • I remember Tonka, what a beautiful dog.
    I look up the website often.
    He has really won lotto.

    Posted by Leah, 04/10/2009 11:42am (9 years ago)

  • It is so good to see Tonka has found a fantastic home. We all loved him dearly and love nothing more than reading a great outcome. please don't forget to keep us updated on his progress, us volunteers a lot of time with these dogs and it's great to see pictures and read a blurb on how their life is going after the Refuge.

    Posted by Lynda Hancy, 03/10/2009 10:01pm (9 years ago)

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