Bruce is too good to leave

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 6 March 2012 | 3 Comments


I just wanted to thank you for bringing Bruce (you knew him as Spencer) into our lives!



We are so glad you found him for us.  He settled into our home immediately, and learned his new name as soon as we called him Bruce. He is so sweet and loving, well trained, smart, and friendly with people and dogs.  We take him to the beach and park and he is fine off of his leash.  He loves his daily walks, doesn't bark or whine, in fact his only sneaky habit is trying to jump onto the couch or bed with us ;-) which we can't ever really get angry about because he is too darn cute!


It's been four weeks now and we love him so much.  He's doing great, and we are too.

Thanks again.

Carissa Garza & Andrew Burns

P.S. the only possible drawback is that I don't have much time to come volunteer with the other dogs now!  All I want to do is spend time with my sweetie - but hopefully I'll find time to do both soon!

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  • Thanks for giving Bruce such a great new start to life. Lucky boy!

    Posted by Katie, 17/03/2012 12:34pm (6 years ago)

  • What a handsome boy Bruce is, I can understand why you wouldn\'t want to leave him too often. Thanks for making his life so special.

    Posted by Olivia, 14/03/2012 3:09pm (6 years ago)

  • We are so glad you found Bruce also. How confident and loved does he look sitting up on his car seat. There is nothing like the look of a dog who belongs to a loving family, and knows he's safe. Thank you!

    Posted by Lisa, 11/03/2012 2:18pm (6 years ago)

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