Budd makes the move to QLD

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I picked up Budd aka Joe a lifetime ago around Aug 2005.  I’d been wanting a companion while my husband was away and had searched the web and various shelters. I’d selected two dogs at Shenton Park, one was Joe the other was Suzy, who had already been fostered.  So I went to take a look at Joe, he was in the run pen, just sitting in the centre doing nothing, looking at nothing, not interested in me or anything else. I thought, he doesn’t look too full of life, but went to the office and asked if I could take a closer look. 


Joe was a black Kelpie X, with big bat ears and bright yellow eyes, we went into the tree’d area and he was very reticent about coming near me, but I saw something there and decided that yes, I’d take him home with me.

On the drive back to Padbury I told him he couldn’t keep the name Joe as my name was Jo and we couldn’t have two in the house as it would be confusing.  I kept calling him mate and then I figured Budd was as good a name as any, we also discussed how he should behave when THE MASTER came home, and that he should do everything in his power to get under his skin.

Some people don’t believe dogs understand what your saying, but I’m a believer, Budd took no time at all to endear himself to his new Master and things just got better when we started obedience and he attained Gold within a month of starting.  We took long walks along Whitford Beach and runs around the nearby park, he made friends with Tigra, the Weimerana next door, who kept taking his toys home with her.   Everyone thought Budd was beautiful, his sleek black fur and his bright yellow eyes and his long pink tongue that lolled out of the side of his smiling mouth just enamoured him to just about everyone.

In 2007 Budd took a ride on a jet plane and we moved to an island in Queensland, he missed classes, and his mate Tigra, but he loved the new type of beach, there were no longer any crashing waves to keep him out of the water, and although he doesn’t swim or go crashing into the water as some dogs do, he tentitively moves into deeper waters and occassionally gets his back wet.

Bud's no longer black, it seems every year he turns a shade lighter and in bright sunshine he is now sort of gingerish with a black stripe along his spine.   He has as we found early on, a very strange trait, when he’s really having fun, he growls, not just an ordinary growl, but one which initially had both of us stepping away quite quickly, it took some time to realise he wasn’t being aggressive, but that he was actually really enjoying himself and for some reason doesn’t know that his growl is very intimidating.

My husband now teases him to get him to growl and laughs and hugs him when he does, he spends far too much time indoors and has got to liking going out fishing in our boat.  He stands as far forward as he possibly can and often falls into the anchor well when we hit a large wave, but this does not deter him.   When John is doing close work out in the yard at ground level, you will find Budd with his head under Johns arm checking out what John is doing and invariably getting in the way, he wants to know everything and is in everything.   He is well behaved and looks after his toys (some he’s had since his 2nd year with us) his manners are near perfect and he listens intently when we talk to him, sometimes replying with a bark or a noise.  

He was stolen just after we arrived in QLD and for a week I was frantic with not knowing what had happened to him, John even flew back from WA to QLD to see what he could do and he was also visibly upset, after a week of intense searching and advertising he was found.  We realised just how much space he has taken up in our hearts and our lives, we are thankful that nothing bad happened to him while he was gone, but believe that the separation has had some effect on him, that plus whatever brought him to Shenton Park Refuge I believe have left scars.  We have a regular dog sitter (friend) who stays with him when we go on holidays and she spoils him and he loves her and I’d like to think that he doesn’t miss us too much when we’re gone, but when we get home, he’s so excited and follows us about for days on end.

I would like to thank the people at Shenton Park for allowing me the opportunity of adopting this wonderful boy, he is so loving and affectionate and has made our lives so much richer.


Jo Patman

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  • Having read your story I could heardly believe my eyes. Tigra lives with my brother when her owner, my nephew isn't home.
    I am so happy you got Budd back. Nothing is so worrying as not knowing where an animal is or what has happened to it. Hugs for Budd, please.

    Posted by Anne, 06/11/2011 2:54am (7 years ago)

  • Got to love those kelpies!
    Glad you got him back from the dog nappers

    Posted by Jill, 04/11/2011 10:00pm (7 years ago)

  • Thank you for telling the story of Budd.
    I really enjoyed reading this and I felt the love you have for this little dog oozing out between the words.
    I believe also that dogs understand exactly what we are saying, they also know if we are genuine, and Budd has really found genuine.

    Posted by Iris, 03/11/2011 11:36am (7 years ago)

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