Bullet lives it up in the sunshine State

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 16 December 2010 | 2 Comments


Hello from Cathi, Ron, Dudley (aka Bullet) and Roxy,

To the wonderful staff and volunteers who took so much care of long-termer Dudley (aka Bullet).  We thought you may like to see some photos of Dudley's life since we were lucky enough to adopt him.

We relocated to North Queensland and he's very happy and slowly learning to trust people. He and Roxy adore each other and are rarely apart - they sleep cuddled up together.

Dudley lazing on the beach

Dudley is such a funny, loving, gorgeous family member who has added a lot of laughter to our home.

Thank you to all who looked after him while in the Home for so long.

See you in the summer,

Cathi and Ron

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  • So nice to read this story. Dudley waited so long for the right people to come along and take him home.

    Posted by Jackie, 22/12/2010 11:15am (8 years ago)

  • Hey Cathy and Duders Bully boy!
    please give Dudley a big hug from me!
    Miss him x

    Posted by Emma, 16/12/2010 10:43pm (8 years ago)

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