Bumble settles in with 'Marley & Me'

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 29 March 2010 | 2 Comments


Since we adopted Bumble the Beagle in Oct/Nov of last year, he loves his new home in Bibra Lake with a great big backyard (and 4 cats next door that he loves chasing!). He has lost weight with the walks he gets to go on so isn't overweight now, although he still loves to 'pull the lead' quite a lot (my arms are getting my stronger!).

Bumble out and about

His appetite is as strong as ever and will do anything for food and when he sits and puts his paw up asking for food with those big brown eyes it's hard to resist! He loves his morning scratch and playing with his toys. Although, he is very specific as to what toys he will play with - they have to be squeaky. Or socks! He likes playing tug-of-war and fetch, but also is likes playing 'soccer' himself with the toys. And once we put his blanket down at night he knows it's bed time and wanders off on his own to sleep (and snore!).

He likes watching the movie "Marley & Me" - spent ages sitting on the couch glued to the tv (as in the attached photo). We think he might have Lab in him and that's why! When Vinni is working around the house, Bumble is his apprentice following him everywhere. Although, I don't know how good of an apprentice when he grabs the tools and runs away with him!

Bumble watching Marley & Me

He is a great guard dog, companion and great fun. Every day he makes us laugh. And everyone we see when walking says how cute he is and that he is beautiful. And we agree.

Thanks to everyone at Shenton Park Dog Refuge!!

Vinni & Tiff

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  • So glad he found a good home. I have given him lots of pats at the refuge and thought he was such a sweet dog. Thanks for taking care of him xxx

    Posted by Amy Nenke, 07/04/2010 5:53pm (9 years ago)

  • What a good looking and intelligent dog.
    I can't believe he is actually watching a movie - thats amazing!
    He has found the best treasure in life, a family to love him.

    Posted by Iris Lennon, 02/04/2010 1:22am (9 years ago)

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