Butch is one lovable pug

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 14 December 2011 | 3 Comments


We adopted Butch, now Tycho, back in June and he is the most adorable fun dog ever built.


We love the pug side of him. We took him to classes which were great and taught us both a lot. He does have a wicked side and very much enjoys stealing shoes and giving them a good chew. Everywhere we go people ask what he is and where we got him, as he's so adorable :)

He's settled right in now and follows me everywhere I go. He's such a sook at times, so thanks to you guys for taking him in and to the girl who didn't want him anymore - she really has missed out!




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  • Thanks for giving Tycho such a great home, full of lots of love. He is a great looking boy!

    Posted by Olivia, 17/12/2011 10:22pm (7 years ago)

  • He .. is .. awesome!

    Posted by Ben, 14/12/2011 4:10pm (7 years ago)

  • I remember Butch and yes he was just too cute for words. Cannot believe someone just tired of him!! You are SO RIGHT..she missed out. I am so happy the little man is loved.

    Posted by serina, 14/12/2011 10:24am (7 years ago)

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