Buzz chills out at the beach

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 22 October 2011 | 2 Comments


My name is Buzz and I have been in my new home for 3 months now.


Life is good here.  I get lots of walks and play down at the park with some other really fun dogs.  Sometimes I even go to the beach (see photo) but I haven't taken a dip yet.  Even though I'm not even a year old yet I am really chilled out in the house and play nicely with my new 3 year old human buddy.  She loves me licking her - sometimes...

Anyway, I hope all my old friends at Lemnos Street are well.  I did see some of you when I went to training.

Thanks for looking after me,


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  • Buzz, you are a very handsome boy, and you certainly landed on all fours.
    So happy for you/

    Posted by Jane, 29/10/2011 12:17pm (7 years ago)

  • Hi Buzz, so happy to hear that you have been adopted into a loving family with a beautiful little person to grow up with. I also hope your friends at the refuge get as lucky as you very soon.
    Let us know when you take that dip!

    Posted by Olivia, 25/10/2011 8:23am (7 years ago)

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