Charlie would love to meet her siblings

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 2 November 2012 | 2 Comments


Back in January 2010, my wife and I adopted a 8-10 week old puppy called Kiri, whom we have renamed Charlie.


She was from a litter of 5 pups which were abandoned. For some time now, we have wondered how her sisters and brothers turned out.

If anyone else adopted Charlie's brothers and sisters, we'd love to hear from them!





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  • Wow! Charlie has the life! Love to read these stories. Hope you had some luck finding Charlie's brothesr and sisters.

    Posted by Jane, 15/11/2012 5:44pm (6 years ago)

  • Charlie is a very lucky girl, I hope her borthers and sisters have been as lucky. She looks great in her life jacket enjoying her lotto life! Hope you can track down her other family members.

    Posted by Iris, 07/11/2012 4:39pm (6 years ago)

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