Chica finds her place in the world

Posted by Kylie Hildebrand on 8 October 2009 | 1 Comments


We thought it was about time we gave you an update on Chica (formerly Britta). In the early days we were all a bit unsure of each other, working out our spots in the world and in the house. Now we have settled in to a routine and things are going really well. We have fallen in love with her and she has enriched our lives.

Chica finds her place in the world

It didn't take us long to work out that our little Chica is a very clever puppy! She LOVES food which has really helped with her training. We joined the RSPCA group training sessions. We're 4 weeks into that now and she is a super fast learner. The trainer has given us a few tips on how to keep her mind active. We have been going for walks in the parks in our area and she has made a few friends. She is still anxious in some situations but we're getting there. She is quite good on recall so we have just begun to let her off her lead in the park and she loves it. She'll go for a run but won't stray too far, generally she runs in big circles around us.

Chica had a few accidents inside in the early days but not anymore. She loves her rope toys, tug games and cuddles. She can turn a rope into 1000's of pieces of string in no time! She will tolerate warm baths but is not a huge fan. She likes to come for trips in the car but can't quite cope with busy cafe's just yet. She had a bacterial eye infection a few weeks ago but that has cleared with the drops the vet gave us. She had a go at the chooks next door after the gate connecting our backyards was left unlocked. Unfortunately she killed one but our very understanding neighbours were very good about it. We have sorted out the locking of the gate and all has been forgiven.

All in all we are building our confidence in handling her and she seems to be very happy in her new home. I've attached a few photos of her for you.

Warm regards, Ronnie and Dave

Chica finds her place in the world


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  • I remember Chica - what a beautiful girl.

    Posted by Jackie Varischetti, 17/10/2009 8:43am (9 years ago)

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