Cinders was the best dog anyone could ask for

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 19 June 2014 | 6 Comments


We adopted a dog from you guys back in January 1999 called Cinders and she was a Brindle (she stopped being brindle as she got older and her fur went quite dark) Collie X who was 10 months old at the time and shy and timid.


Just thought I would let you guys know she had a wonderful long life with us. She passed away on Thursday night 12th  June aged 16 surrounded by us all.

She was the best dog anyone could ever ask for.

During her life she lived in Mt Morgans (a mine site 50kms out of Laverton WA) where she would go on night patrols with my dad to keep an eye on the mine.

During this time we adopted an orphaned goat who she was best friends with. They would both sleep in the dog kennel at night racing each other for the spot at the back. The goat thought she was a dog and the dog sometimes thought she was a goat. She had two kittens she played with and an older cat who she loved dearly.


We moved into the town of Laverton with her and she would often escape the yard to run around the corner and hang out with a golden retriever and Labrador she made friends with.

In 2000 we moved to Merredin where she gained a small fullfy dog (Fudgey) as a companion and a few more cats and a joey for a time.

In the last 2 years my parents have done up an old school bus as a motorhome and have taken Cinders and Fudgey plus their epileptic cat on holidays to Hopetoun which she loved as it was her first time at the beach and the caravan park is dog friendly so she could run around and make lots more friends.

She was spoilt rotten and loved by all our family and friends. I have attached a few pictures for you to see how she looked in her last few years.

My parents are currently checking all the dog rescue sites to try and find another dog to share their love with. Could you guys please keep an eye out for a Collie x that is 1 year or less old for them as they would love to adopt it.



Amelia Houston

Daughter of Andrew and Trish Houston

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  • What a beautiful story,all dogs deserve a rich,full,happy life. Good luck with finding your next dog,they will be blessed to be in your wonderful care.

    Posted by andrea, 27/07/2014 10:34am (4 years ago)

  • That sounds like a beautiful story, about such a beautiful dog. It is shame to lose such a wonderful pet. I know what is like to lose a beautiful animal. Just keep your eyes open to find another dog.

    Posted by Rebecca Law-Davis, 01/07/2014 1:47pm (4 years ago)

  • Thank you for the sharing! =\')
    You have given her the best part of her life... =)
    The next dog that you adopt will share the love that you have for animals... =)

    Posted by Johnson, 29/06/2014 11:40pm (4 years ago)

  • Sorry for your (and your parents') loss but it sounds like she was so loved and cared for. What a wonderful life for her!

    Posted by Liz, 27/06/2014 7:56pm (4 years ago)

  • Well written Amelia she was a wonderful dog that was loved by anyone who met her she gave as much as she got, she brought happiness to me ever day I miss her deeply but her time had come to say goodbuy and she went peacefully in her sleep with me holding her paw.

    Posted by Andrew Houston, 20/06/2014 7:53pm (4 years ago)

  • How lucky that Cinders found your parents as her family. She had a blessed life!
    Check the website for dogs! Check out Benny, I believe he may be a Collie x.

    Posted by Ali, 19/06/2014 9:45pm (4 years ago)

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