Coco is loco for her new family!

Posted by Ange on 19 January 2016 | 1 Comments

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"In November 2014 we lost our beloved dog Tui. Totally unexpected he was 6 years old. We were both devastated and totally heartbroken. He was our third dog and losing them became too much for me to handle. We decided not to get another dog, Tui would be our last. Did not want to have to go through the heartache of loving them and then losing them. Over the next few weeks I found the emptiness of not having a dog to spend time with too much. We decided a solution would be to foster a dog.

We began to search shelters online to find a dog we might be able to foster. Applied for one but got no reply. Came across the Shenton Park Refuge and decided rather than apply online we would go to the Refuge and apply in person. We happened to go to the refuge on a weekend when the Open Day was on. All the dogs had volunteers sitting in the runs with them, interacting with the public as everyone moved around the compound. This was very impressive to me.

From her photo I had already picked out Coco as the one, and for all the wrong reasons. I was takenwith her appearance, she looked so much like Tui. I had already made up my mind that I would try to adopt her rather than foster. We met with Sue, who totally loves Coco, to determine if we would be suitable parents for Coco. She explained her history, her nature, her personality and what was needed to live with a dog such as Coco. Coco was born at the shelter and like her mother very fearful. She was 18 months old at that time and basically lived in the shelter since birth. She was having trouble coping. A meet with Coco was arranged and it was decided that we would have her at home for a week to decide if this could work. Of course she had trouble adapting to new people and environment. She spent a lot of the first few days hiding and reacting to everything that moved or made a sound. But gradually she got used to some things and began to settle to a degree.

She had shown enough for us to decide we would go ahead with the adoption. We had a couple of hiccups with her early on and must give thanks to the Shelter and trainer Teagan for helping us with her training as well as better understanding her behaviour. I would also give heartfelt thanks to Danni and Sharon for allowing Coco to attend the obedience classes held at the Shelter. Coco completed the course and received her certificate.


We have had Coco for just over a year now and her progress has been amazing.She is not reacting to the sounds she once did, even thunder and lighting. She is much better with other dogs and people at the park. She accepts approaches from other dogs and plays with most. She still has a couple of things we are working through but is no longer the frightened girl she once was. Her confidence and trust has grown. She is a joy to be with and to share our lives with. We love Coco. I would like to thank the Dogs' Refuge Home and all the staff and volunteers for the amazing work you do."


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  • Coco looks like she has found her perfect match. I remember her well, I believe I carried her out to the car for you. Beautiful girl.

    Posted by JEN, 27/01/2016 4:10pm (3 years ago)

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