Consumers warned against purchasing puppies as Christmas gifts

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Western Australians should resist the temptation of buying that cute puppy in the window‟ this Christmas, Member for Maylands Lisa Baker said today.

Ms Baker said impulse purchases of puppies from pet shops are common during the Christmas period, with many consumers unaware that they may be contributing to the cruel practice of puppy farming.

“If you are considering purchasing a puppy this Christmas, only buy from a private breeder who is registered with DogsWest or from an established dog shelter like the Dogs' Refuge Home,” Ms Baker said.

“Pet shops may be sourcing puppies from backyard breeders in WA or from puppy factories in other States. Some pet shops show you pictures of where they think dogs are being bred. But consumers can‟t know if these are real.

“Western Australians were horrified when the RSPCA uncovered a dozen dogs living in an underground bunker at a South Doodlakine property earlier this year.

“These are the sorts of conditions that thousands of factory farmed dogs and puppies are exposed to every year.”

Ms Baker said with Queensland and Victoria recently announcing a crackdown on puppy factories, more and more of these animals will end up in Western Australia, being sold through pet shops, markets and online sites like the Quokka.

“Consumers should always check that the registration number‟ for a puppy which is sometimes provided by pet shops, online sites or newspapers is truly a DogsWest breeder registration number and not a kennel license number‟,” she said.

“Kennel licenses are just about having local council approval to breed dogs on a property, which is very different from a breeder registration.

“What consumers must demand is the breeder registration number, which is issued through DogsWest.”

Ms Baker said registered breeders must abide by a Code of Ethics relating to responsible dog ownership including the keeping, welfare, breeding and selling of dogs.

“Registered breeders will try to avoid having puppies available over the Christmas period to prevent impulse buying,” she said.

“They will also not sell their puppies through pet shops, so anyone thinking about purchasing a puppy from a pet shop should be questioning the source of that puppy.

“This is why shelters are such a great option – you give an abandoned dog its second chance in life.”

Ms Baker said consumers must be well informed before purchasing a puppy and be prepared for a long term commitment. Consumers can check if a breeder is registered by contacting DogsWest on 9455 1188

We can be contacted on 9381 8166.


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