Could you love Lance a lot?

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 15 December 2012 | 1 Comments


Lance, a terrior cross, will be in lots of letterboxes this Christmas as one of the poster boys for our first ever Christmas Cards.

Lance - Adopt Me!

Lance's foster mum, Patricia, says that Lance really just wants to be a knight in shining armour, although you may not think so from his photo - he looks more like a little bandit with that thick scruffy black and white coat and mischievous smile.

He is such an easy going young fellow well, satisfied by the little things in life - the gentlest scratch behind the ears and he rolls over for a tummy tickle. He has the softest little tongue and says thank you with little licks.

Lance's foster family includes another dog, Spike, and cat. He has been polishing up on his manners - learning 'sit' and 'stay'  and how to use the cat flap from Spike! Lance knows his name and responds - so well he now gets to enjoy off lead time at the dog beach, the river and lovely dog parks in our area.

Lance enjoys company and is like a little shadow following us around the house and garden. His favourite treat is a tiny taste of weak tea in the morning. He loves the beach, rolling in smelly weedy mud at the river, a meaty bone, having his hair brushed, sniffing the breeze. He dislikes denim jeans, flapping shoe laces and being woken up suddenly.

Lance was not afforded the best start to life and had suffered some ill-treatment as a puppy which resulted in him being fearful. However, with wonderful work from the trainers, staff and volunteers at the refuge he has made amazing progress and is blossoming into a near-perfect pooch.

If you think you can offer Lance a loving forever home, please contact the Refuge on 9381 8166.

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  • Lance was adopted last Sunday. He looked so fine! His new Mum looked so proud. Patricia, you and your husband gave him a wonderful foster life and helped make him the super darling he is.

    Posted by Ali, 17/12/2012 10:53pm (6 years ago)

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