Cuddly Spud wants to be your lap dog

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 19 September 2010 | 3 Comments

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Meet one of our resident studs, Spud. He's been at the Refuge around 6 months now and we seriously can't work out why he hasn't found a home yet. He is such a cuddly and friendly boy who will make a very loyal companion for someone who will commit to his training.

Spud - Adopt Me!

Spud has been spending some time lately at home with one the Refuge's volunteers to give him a break from Refuge life and to see how he will adapt in the home environment. At home, he is a wannabe lap dog, despite his size! He loves being close to people and will follow you around to stay close. He does, however, sleep quietly and comfortably alone at night.

He's quite a social dog and could live with another dog pending meet. However, he can get a little anxious when initially approached in public, but given a bit of time he is happy to greet other dogs and people. He also takes a little time to get used to new environments, such as parks and homes, but is very inquisitive and friendly once he's had some time to get comfortable in his surrounds.

The best way to describe Spud is that he's a shy, friendly boy who simply needs a chance to get used to new environments. His new family will see a huge change in him over the first few weeks of arriving home as he settles in and starts to show his natural exuberance. he will make a very loyal companion.

If you think you could give Spud a forever home, contact the Refuge on 9381 8166 or visit the Refuge between 11.00am - 4.00pm daily.

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  • Glad to see Spud has a nice new home. I think rescue dogs have a special quality about them. They really seem to appreciate a life with a bit of love and will give it back in 10 fold!

    Posted by Cathy Santana, 02/10/2010 12:38pm (8 years ago)

  • Spud has really settled in well. He's sleeping soundly at night, eating well and loves his walks with the family. We've never seen a dog who's tail wags so much with happiness.

    Posted by Tracy Harris, 01/10/2010 9:07am (8 years ago)

  • what a cute dog hope he finds a home soon

    Posted by lynda, 27/09/2010 10:43am (8 years ago)

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