Cute Charlie is content and carefree

Posted by Kylie Hildebrand on 20 October 2009 | 3 Comments


Hi there, this is Charlie. I was adopted from Shenton Park in August. I thought I would write in and let you know how well I am doing. I have settled in perfectly and my family loves me to bits.

Cute Charlie is content and carefree

It's taken a while but now me and Molly the cat are starting to become friends. All I want to do is play but mum said she is probably scared because I am so bouncy and energetic. About 2 weeks ago mum and nanna got me groomed and mum said I smelt like roses (it took almost 3 hours, so I should hope so). I am very spoilt and my whole family gives me lots of cuddles. Whenever people come around I am always allowed to sit on their lap and cuddle if they invite me and they all say how cute I am (but I know this of course).

I have started puppy school to learn some basic manners, I go for walks and sit but not all the time. Mum says I just need a little fine tuning and to come when I am called (but I had to learn my name first!)

I get taken to the beach and I love to roll around in the seaweed and smell all the other dogs, mum says I can play with them more once I learn to come when I'm called, I am getting better at this though. I have my own snuggly bed and I get to sleep in mum's room every night (sometimes even on the bed when dad is away).

Cute Charlie is content and carefree

Thank you so much to all the staff and volunteers for looking after me and helping me and my owners become a family. They say they don't know how they ever lived without me.

Good luck to all my other doggy friends.

Licks and Hugs,
Charlie x x

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  • What a beautiful story and dog.

    Posted by Paula Lindhe, 25/12/2009 7:39pm (9 years ago)

  • Sounds like your a very lucky boy Charlie. You've got a lovely family to take care of you, but who would'nt, sour so cute!!!!

    Posted by michelle kenney, 30/10/2009 1:34am (9 years ago)

  • HI charlie,

    What a cute and gorgeous - not to forget, very lucky boy you are!

    Posted by John Varischetti, 26/10/2009 6:34pm (9 years ago)

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