Daisy hits the treadmill

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 16 July 2013 | 3 Comments


We adopted Daisey today and she has had a ball sniffing the house down. After her sniffing work out she had a nap on the treadmill. She has been so affectionate and whimpers when one of us leaves the room. I think she is falling in love with us too!


Thank you for doing such a wonderful job.


Callie Burton

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  • Seems like a clever way of exercising! I should try this. A very intelligent dog!

    Posted by Linda Mort, 29/07/2013 5:49pm (5 years ago)

  • Thank you for the post! =)
    It\'s great to know that she\'s being loved! =)

    Posted by Johnson, 20/07/2013 7:53pm (5 years ago)

  • So glad to hear how Daisy is settling. She is such a darling.

    Posted by Ali, 19/07/2013 12:12am (5 years ago)

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