Diesel and Reggie are inseparable

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 16 May 2014 | 2 Comments


I was paging through old documents and found some early pictures of our dog, Reggie (his name on your records was Declan), whom we got in late 2010.


We wondered how Reggie was going to settle with us after he got out of our yard during the first week and went on walkabout with our other dog, Diesel. But after we found them enjoying their romp in the neighbourhood, Reggie settled down and has become a super member of the family. He is a happy chap who always comes to greet us when we arrive home. He is SO alert that nothing escapes his attention. He is crazy about his walks and he has learned a new trick, which my daughter taught him: he stands forever on his back legs and waves his front paws up and down together in order to beg for food or attention. He loves to play with balls, though he irritates the life out of his buddy, Diesel, because he grabs the ball and runs off with it, expecting everyone to chase him for it. Reggie and Diesel are inseparable. When we take them for walks, if Diesel lags behind, Reggie waits for him to catch up. He refuses to trot on, until his buddy has joined the party, after which he is happy to continue the adventure. He has been consistently healthy and fit, and I must say that we have been  delighted to have Reggie with us. At the moment, he is curled up on our bed, under our pillows where he likes to go so often. Thanks for a lovely dog.


Diesel (known on your records as Pikey) is absolutely brilliant as well. He was our first Australian dog whom we got in early 2010, a year after we arrived in the country. His companionship and intelligent sensitivity kept our family buoyant during those early stages of settling into a new country. Now that we are Australians, we look on him as our ‘Australian liaison officer’ whose job is was to help us settle. Then when my wife was diagnosed with cancer, Diesel was the one who would lie on the couch next to her during those periods of recovery from chemotherapy. Diesel’s quiet companionship did more for her wellbeing than most people will ever know.

I have attached some photos of both marvellous dogs. Thank you for the splendid job you guys have done in taking care of them in transition from one home to another.


Kind regards

Ian Simms

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  • What a lovely success story. You chose well and the two boys have found a loving home.

    Posted by Ali, 20/05/2014 8:43pm (4 years ago)

  • Such a wonderful and loving family!! How lucky are these two.

    Posted by Jackie, 20/05/2014 12:09am (4 years ago)

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