Diesel's one big lap dog

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 22 February 2011 | 4 Comments


It has been almost 7 weeks since Diesel came into our lives and what a difference he's made!


When we brought him home we were wondering how it had happened that instead of coming home with a small lap dog we instead had a huge mound of hair shedding muscle who wanted nothing more than to sit in the nearest lap and lick at our faces- a habit that has remained unchanged.

That first night he crawled into my bed at 3 am and succeeded in taking up all the space (not an easy feat in a double) so that I was curled in a ball in a corner whilst he slept sprawled across my pillow and doona. Since then he has relocated to his much loved foam bed. Day 2 saw him climb into our 3 ft deep pond, only to be carried out wearing an expression of embarrassment he and I will never forget.

In the weeks to come he escaped not once but twice, the second time hauling himself up a 2 metre high lattice in his quest for freedom, the only evidence of his crime some Diesel coloured hair left at the top of the lattice.

Diesel in his bed

Once a week he enjoys a trip to the beach and is gradually becoming a proficient paddler, after many a scratch to the chest and face.

By way of treats he adores his chicken necks which we freeze in ice blocks and give to him. He has been working on the current one for the last 20 minutes!
Additionally he will never say no to a pig ear and the one time he stole the blue vein cheese off the table he most enjoyed it.

As for behaviour he's been pretty great- responsive on walks, though he is a little rude to doggy friends, and no digging (fingers crossed)! There was a hairy moment when he slashed up our fly screen door to try to get in but that has been compensated by his no barking.

He has the most beautiful nature and we absolutely love him. My parents, who were originally wanting to get a toy poodle, now find themselves remarking how small dogs are not "real dogs" and I also am yet to find another as handsome as our Diesel.

A big thank you to all the staff members who understood our lifestyle and matched us with the most wonderful boy.

I have enclosed a few photos of him to just let you know that yes- he's still alive and doing great!

Best wishes,

Lucie Gevers

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  • Go my little Diesel man!! I am so glad you are happy, but I miss you and your chin licks, and cuddles. I especially miss how you used to help me brush your fur off my clothes. Such a sweetie!!

    Posted by Melanie Yarnall, 24/02/2011 11:00pm (8 years ago)

  • Oh my baby boy lap dog Diesey!

    I miss you so much. I hope you stay somewhere behind closed doors where you are not tempted to find your Mum when she goes out!

    If you decide you want to learn to be a bit less stressed around other pooches come to Pawprints pet training and I may see you there and get to cuddle and kiss you!

    Thank your mum Lucie for taking care of a HUGELY popular boy from the Ref.

    Emma x

    Posted by Emma, 23/02/2011 8:37pm (8 years ago)

  • I met Diesel at the Subi night market and he was soo sweet, I want to adopt a Dieselette. Great to see he found a loving home!

    Posted by Emily, 23/02/2011 6:29pm (8 years ago)

  • Lucky Diesel, to have found such a loving home. I don't know why he would want to escape, except maybe to look for his beloved Kira. Such a smoocher!

    Posted by Fiona Maher, 23/02/2011 12:48pm (8 years ago)

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