In the Dog House

Jarrad Tate from Tate Family Foundation is so committed to helping us raise funds for our dogs, he’s decided this year not only will his Family Foundation match any funds raised up to $25K – Jarrad himself will also going to go into the kennels with our dogs – now that’s commitment!

In The Dog House 2014

On Saturday 6th December, Jarrad will join our dogs for a day locked in the kennels in a bid to raise awareness and funds to support our rescuing and rehoming operations.

Jarrad came down last year to encourage our vollies in the kennels and was so impressed (and a little jealous of all the love our pooches were giving out) that he agreed to join them this year.

“I am so impressed by the work undertaken by the Dogs’ Home and the dedication of their staff and volunteers that I agreed to go into the kennels to show my support” said Jarrad. “Once again our family’s foundation, Tate Family Foundation have agreed to match donations up to $25K so this is my personal contribution”.

Please support Jarrad and the rest of our volunteers this year by making a donation. Your donation will go directly to supporting the daily care of Perth’s lost and abandoned dogs.

You can also help by emailing this link to your friends:

Jarrad will be joined again this year by a team of our volunteers who will also be spending the day in the Dog House. And, thanks to Tate Family Foundation, all funds raised by Jarrad and our team of vollies will be matched up to the value of $25,000!

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Are you a volunteer who wants to spend a day in the dog house?

Tate Family Foundation

Once again we are opening up our annual In the Doghouse appeal to allow our regular volunteers to also enter our kennels for the day and help our fundraising. And you can have your donations matched to the value of $25,000 thanks to the Tate Family Foundation!

Only a limited number of volunteers will be able to participate in this special event. We are asking you to consider being able to raise a minimum of $500 towards our team goal of $25,000. So it’s important for you to consider if you will be able to muster donations from your friends, family and colleagues before you nominate for this event.

We are also asking you to be a confident volunteer who is experienced in entering and leaving our kennels. For your own safety you need to be capable of spending four hours inside a kennel with a dog agreed to by you and the trainers. You can join our team on Saturday 6th December and have your donations matched too!

How Will It Work?

Before registering, if you are not an inducted dog walking volunteer at the Home, please contact our Volunteer & Fundraising Coordinator, Lauren Shepherd, to discuss the training requirements and determine if this is a suitable event for you.

Next you will need to join our online team and create your own fundraising page or you can simply use a manual sponsorship form if you prefer not to use the internet.

On the day you will be required to be at the Refuge by 10am to confirm your kennel position and participate in a short safety talk. You may wish to come earlier and make sure your dog is walked.

All participants will enter their kennels at 10.30am and will remain there until 2.30pm.

There will be lots of fun things happening on the day so encourage your supporters to come down and say hello to you! We recommend you bring food, a comfortable chair and sun protection so you have everything you to enjoy the day. Water will be provided regularly.

For more information or to register please email


A Day in the Dog House will take place on Saturday 6th December from 10.30am.  Come on down and say hi to Jarrad and bring your own beloved pooch to have a picture taken with Santa Paws. Please check back on our website soon for pre-payment and bookings details.