Dougal wins, not just as the biggest loser

Posted by Kylie Hildebrand on 5 December 2009 | 2 Comments


Hi folks, hope you like the photo of Dougal. When we picked him up two months ago we were told that he needed to lose 3 kgs. He was very food focused but with one or two walks a day and a good diet has managed to strip off 2 kgs already!

Dougal wins, not just as the biggest loser

The energy of this dog is something to behold now and I think his previous owner was a morning person as at 5:10 every morning he does a Fred Astaire on the window! He has changed us all into morning people. If we want a sleep in we leave the dog door open so I usually end up finding a Dougal lying by the side of my bed snoring and grunting his head off - lovely :-)

He's very much made himself part of our family and when he looks at you with those gentle eyes and rolls his tongue out you can never hold the smile back! Thank you so much for introducing him to our family.

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  • i want to cuddle this adorable bundle.

    Posted by fredrick, 12/08/2010 11:42pm (8 years ago)

  • Who wouldn't love Dougall. He is gorgeous, and so lucky to have found a family to love him.

    Posted by Iris Lennon, 08/12/2009 1:50pm (9 years ago)

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