Ellen shows her dancing skills

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 3 March 2011 | 2 Comments


I thought I would email to let you know how Ellen is going with myself, Peter and Douglas. We adopted Ellen in September 2010. I have been meaning to email sooner but I wanted to attach pictures but i lost my battery charger for my camera!

Ellen at home

Ellen was a little anxious when we first brought her home last year - she even got car sick on the way home! She was very well behaved when we introduced her to each room in the house. She and our German Shepherd, Douglas, were a little wary of each other to start with but now get along fabulously. They spend their days together and their favourite game to play is chewing on each other's necks! Every toy we buy Ellen gets destroyed within minutes, because her teeth are small enough to get into any little crack! Douglas is the same though - he also destroys everything - so we were expecting this.

Lucky for us Ellen is a cuddler. Douglas is more fond of sitting in his chair like an old man and watching the television, but Ellen likes to snuggle into the smallest place she can find for a bit of extra warmth. Her favourite place during the night is our bed. She is very sneaky about this though. She has her own cushion and she knows that is her bed, but she waits until we fall asleep before gingerly stepping up on to the bed and snuggling near our feet. If she isn't at the end of our bed in the morning, we will find her nestled in a basket of clean washing.

Douglas and Ellen

We also found that Ellen practically came pre-trained! She sits, stays, drops, jumps and even dances for us! We are working on her balancing on her back legs at the moment. She loves to play exercises for food with Douglas. They are both so eager to please!

When we first took Ellen to the beach she got very cold because it was so windy! We waited for the weather to heat up a little, and now she loves the waves! We aren't ready to let her off the lead yet (she can out-run us all) but she likes to swim in the shallow areas and chase the body board around. She is very curious and friendly towards other dogs.

Ellen has fit in to our home very well :) Thanks for all your help!

I hope you like the pictures!

Belinda and Peter

Ellen up close


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  • Great to hear - I loved playing ball with her she is one of my favs!

    Posted by Rebecca, 05/03/2011 1:28pm (8 years ago)

  • Such a beautiful girl, and she looks so happy in her new home with her big brother and new family!!

    Posted by Melanie Yarnall, 03/03/2011 10:56pm (8 years ago)

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