Evie can run so fast

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 9 May 2013 | 3 Comments


I’m settling in just fine here and I LOVE my new 5 acres to run around in…I surprise myself how fast I can run sometimes!


I’m living with a lovely beagle boy named Jack whom tells me came from the same dog home as me 6 yrs ago!!! (His name was “ sniffy 109 “ back then!)
We’re getting on really well, although I am rather boisterous  but I recon Jack will sort me out soon…he’s such a gentleman and just doesn’t want to upset me haha.

My owners took me for a walk around the property with my lead on as soon as I came home to check whether the place was secure enough for me…just as well because as soon as I stood at the big gate…I wriggled underneath to the other side…can’t do that now as Kerry lowered the gate and put more wire up, so now it’s all good!

I’m loving my cuddles every day and I’m beginning to show my manners even more. I have to sit before I eat and I lay on my bed to eat my raw hide chew if I’m inside. I’m learning how to stay and can stay for around 15 seconds…I’m still working on that! Eventually the plan is I stay whilst the gate is open and closed to get the car in and out the property.


I don’t jump up as much now as I only get lots of loves when all four paws are on the ground…I am allowed on their laps though…and I looove it! I’m very smoochy and I love being with the family. I’m allowed inside whenever they’re home and its sooo nice!

I have a great big bone to chew on…rawhide chews which are my favourite..and a rope thingy to play tug o war. Sooo much for me to do…even dinner times in the morning are fun as I have to find my food scattered out the back, or hiding in my kong…the other day I even worked out how to get my treats out of an ice cube tray…with the lid on…they fell out a few at a time…I’m very clever you know!

Well I hope you don’t miss me too much…


You’re all doing a wonderful job and my owners wished they could bring everyone home…(They often mention Bruce…thinking of him always! Hope he finds a home soon!x)

Love and sloppy kisses to you all!

Evie xx

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  • What a lovely story from you Evie,I loved it.you are a lucky girl to have such a big yard to run around in.

    Posted by Dot , 10/05/2013 9:29pm (5 years ago)

  • I saw Evie so briefly as she had just come into the kennel section of the home. Annie and I both agreed that Evie would be gone very quickly. A real beauty and such a sweetie. Glad to hear of her wonderful home and family.

    Posted by Ali, 10/05/2013 8:41pm (5 years ago)

  • Evie, you are so lucky and I can see by your writing, you are very clever too! Fantastic!

    Posted by Linda Mort, 09/05/2013 3:16pm (5 years ago)

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