Five pushes boundaries

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 21 November 2012 | 4 Comments


A little over a month ago we adopted Bugsy, now known as Five, into our family. He is the fifth member to our family and the only boy. Five is a two year old KelpieXBC. He is a sweet natured dog who loves attention.


In the first week Five was very eager to please and followed our mum around as much as he could, he was sucking up to the boss. He would go anywhere if there were people there and would get very upset if we left for school and/or work. At the beginning of the weekend, on Saturday, we took him for his first bath with us. He didn’t like the experience. On the Sunday he met our grandparents’ 6 month old puppy; Penny. During the first week Five had learnt what he could and couldn’t do if he was inside and as he wanted to make us happy he learnt very quickly, the fact that we spoilt him probably helped as well. But when Penny came over she was a misbehaving dog so he had to spend most of his time outside as she wouldn’t obey the rules.


Lately Five has become more outgoing and has tried to push the boundaries but is coming to accept that the rules won’t change. Five has become very affectionate to all in the family, he is allowed up on beds if he is laying on a blanket to protect the covers and he has to have a bath every weekend. He likes to snuggle and becomes very insistent on being showed affection as well.

Five loves to meet new people and is very sweet natured. If he meets a dog however he gets a little over excited and forgets his doggy etiquette. He is learning though and making new friends at a dog park near home.

The only downer about Five is that he likes to dig… a lot. Every morning after his walk time has to be spent to filling in his holes. But a rearranged garden is a small price to pay for such a loveable dog who even won the affections of our nan on mum’s side who was very strongly against us getting a dog in the first place, but she is now bringing down a wicker dog basket for us to put his pillow in.


Five is a gorgeous dog and a perfect addition to our family, we could not imagine life without him. We have come to realise that it is true; no one loves you like a rescue dog.

A huge thankyou to everyone at the Shenton Park Dogs’ Refuge Home for bringing Five into our lives.


Katherine, Sarah, Natalie, Lee and Five.

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  • The wicker dog basket story is just fab! but really how could even your nan resist such a gorgeous boy! love the pic on the bed... he looks like he is in paradis!

    Posted by Sandrine Clement, 30/11/2012 3:48pm (6 years ago)

  • Five is so lucky ... what a great name! Have you tried putting his poop in the holes ... it works with my dogs. Thanks for loving Five.

    Posted by Linda Mort, 26/11/2012 12:45am (6 years ago)

  • Another Jackpot winner. So happy that Five has his own special family.

    Posted by Jane, 25/11/2012 9:28pm (6 years ago)

  • Five is such a lucky boy. There is nothing like a dog to complete a home. Thanks for loving him.

    Posted by Iris , 24/11/2012 1:00pm (6 years ago)

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