Flex learns to love his new family

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 19 January 2011 | 3 Comments


We adopted Flex (now Rex) in June 2010. At first, though very affectionate toward me, he wouldn't go near my husband. We thought another dog may help, so we decided to adopt a dog, Nike, through another shelter.

Flex and Nike

They are now the two most spoilt dogs in creation, and Flex now adores my husband.

Nothing enriches life like having loving pets.

Lee Hockley

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  • Flex was the first dog I took overnight as a volunteer and I saw him recently and he has grown into such a fine young man! I am SO happy that he likes your husband. When he first came to the refuge he was so timid with men, but then really came out of his shell once he got to know you.. Good Luck with Him

    Posted by Rick Anderson, 10/03/2011 1:57am (8 years ago)

  • So good to know Rex has found such a loving family and home.

    Posted by Leah, 22/01/2011 2:45pm (8 years ago)

  • Congratulations Lee on rescuing two adorable looking dogs. I'm sure Rex & Nike will give you and your husband much pleasure in the years to come.

    Posted by Noelene Ball, 19/01/2011 8:13pm (8 years ago)

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