Former owners glad to see JD & Ashanti rehomed

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 31 December 2013 | 5 Comments


Dear Staff, Volunteers & Adopters,


Wishing to thank you immensely for looking after and caring for Ashanti & JD whilst at the Refuge.

We are both so glad that they were taken in by Shenton Park Dogs Refuge and both rehomed before Christmas.

Hope that the Adoptive Parents will get as much love and enjoyment from these two little dogs that we received since caring for them earlier this year;  although they were in the family since they were a few weeks old.

To Ashanti & JD - the days are not the same without you.  We miss your daily hugs and massages as well as the morning greeting with us and Tarja & Fizz.   We miss  the four of you lining up and waiting so patiently to receive your morning toast.  We miss your feeding  and training sessions along with the walks.  We miss caring for you when you were unwell.   We miss the play times as well as the quiet evening times which ended with the command ‘bedtime’.   You all knew what to do.  We miss the smiles on the grandchildren’s faces as they cuddled you.  It was so difficult to give you up but we know that you have been adopted by people that will love and care for you just as much if not more than we can.  Love you both and miss you both immensely.  We shall never forget you.


So sorry to see so many more dogs in need of a loving forever home; Ashanti & JD were indeed a lucky couple of dogs.

Yours sincerely,

Stan & Elisabeth Lisle

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  • Nicola thanks for your post it's so nice to hear that JD is going well and loved. Good luck to you both. x

    Posted by lynda, 04/01/2014 3:43pm (5 years ago)

  • Great to hear both your dogs found new homes. I am not too sure why you had to give them both up and I am sure it was a hard decision for you but for me I could never give up my 2 dogs, a pet is for life no matter what the circumstances.

    Posted by Donna, 02/01/2014 6:41pm (5 years ago)

  • Hi,
    My name is Nicola. I live with my 16 year old daughter who is an animal volunteer. I have a red heeler who is 8 years old called Millie and a newly adopted 11 year old-JD. Thank you for giving me and my daughter a little bundle of joy and an all round great little man. JD has just had a haircut and is strutting around like a stud. He enjoys walks and as you well know, playing ball. He is asleep on my feet as we speak, and he is a real delight. Rest assured he will be much loved. Kind regards Nicola, Shelby, Millie and JD

    Posted by Nicola Muller, 02/01/2014 12:04am (5 years ago)

  • So glad these babies have new loving homes as they were obviously well loved by their original parents. It says a lot that they wanted to make sure their babies would be loved and cared for and that they would send you a thank you for all you did for them.

    Posted by Carol Miller, 31/12/2013 10:54pm (5 years ago)

  • so happy they found a loving home together i hope you didnt say it must have been heart wrenching to give them up i dont know the circumstances but they would have been huge for you to let them go bless those that adopted them

    Posted by margaret, 31/12/2013 12:33pm (5 years ago)

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