Fostering A Dog

Foster a dog

You may prefer to foster rather than adopt a dog. Due to an ever increasing need for our dogs to be given specialist care, we are calling for people to express their interest in fostering a dog. Fostering one of our 'Special Needs' dogs means that you take home and care for one of our dogs while we remain its legal owner. 

Dogs in Foster are every bit as adoptable as our other dogs, so if you'd like to meet one of our special dogs with a view towards adopting it, arrangements can be easily made for the foster carer to bring the dog over to meet you and your family. It's just a phone call or two away. Our Office Staff will be only too happy to assist you with this. 

We are seeking foster carers for a number of reasons, including

  • Dogs not coping in the Refuge environment

Many dogs find the Refuge environment stressful and after time, start to deteriorate. We need short-term foster carers for these dogs who are willing to have the dogs adopted from their home, under our trainers' supervision.

  • Dogs about to give birth (or have already done so)

The foster period would be between 6 - 10 weeks until the pups are cleared for adoption. The Refuge is not equipped nor is the place for these dogs to start their lives. This is an intensive commitment and carers need to be available 24/7.

  • Puppies

We need carers to take puppies home overnight, but bring them into the Refuge during opening hours.

  • Dogs with medical condition or palliative care, surgery

This may involve short-term foster for dogs wtih kennel cough or waiting to clear quarantine, or longer term foster for dogs that need a loving, caring place for the last period of their life.

  • Dogs with behavioural/problematic issues

We need experienced dog handlers/owners to foster some of our more special residents - this would require helping with their behaviour modification and under the guidance of the trainers at the Refuge.

The Refuge provides medication and meets vet costs for any medical condition that exists prior to fostering, as well as on-going support by way of visits and phone calls if required. In the case where the dog needs ongoing veterinary attention, the foster carer will be responsible for transport and accompanying for vet visits.

Foster families should have a comfy environment and lots of love to give. All adoptions are to be done through the Refuge, with the guidance of our trainers and staff.

Please Note: It is essential that people who already own a dog bring it to The Home for a compatibility test with their intended foster dog.

If you are interested in fostering one of our dogs, please download and complete our Foster Questionnaire. and return it via email to our Foster Co-ordinator at