Getting to know Beano

Posted by Kylie Hildebrand on 30 November 2009 | 2 Comments


We adopted Beano from Dogs' Refuge Home on 04/04/09, and I am forever grateful. Just a week before we adopted him, we saw Beano, a cheerful, energetic fellow with whom we fell in love with straight away. Well, I was doubtful that such a lovely dog would be up for adoption. 'Probably boarding,' I remember saying to my parents. Thankfully, my parents made the effort to ask at the counter. 'Yes, he will be up for adoption,' I heard someone say. After looking through Swan Animal Haven, Mandurah K9 Dog Rescue, the RSPCA, SAFE dogs, Animal Protection Society, and various others, I felt like I'd finally met the perfect dog. Since Beano hadn't even been through the system yet, he had to be examined and to go through standard procedures. After a week of anticipation, worry, and tons of phone calls, we were notified that we could finally meet him on the fourth of April. There and then, we brought him home.

Getting to know Beano

On the car ride back, Beano vomited twice. Haha - not the best first memory. It turns out that Beano gets car sickness. Although we have had five dogs in the past and I have read around four dog books (one of them more than 3 times), after that dizzying experience, we found the first challenge of our new dog. Next, we found out that Beano had separation anxiety after trying to go to the grocery store for 10 minutes. That was also a challenge. Through the next weeks though, we read more on the matter, tried various coaching strategies, and I believe that we finally worked it out. After these two experiences, we spent a lot of time together, trying to get to know each other. As I was on school holidays, I had plenty of time to spare.

Beano loves the little green crocodile we got him. Unfortunately, he bit it's feet off. He sleeps independently in his own little room, with no fuss at all. Beano also gets tons of exercise (two one-hour jogs a day) and plenty of play time with us as well. Note: we later found out that it was not separation anxiety but rather a fear of small spaces. When he's around the house, he's OK with us being gone. Having someone at the house most of the time also definitely helps. There's the little fellow sleeping in front of the door as I type. Haha...

Getting to know Beano

All in all, Beano has been a great addition to our familly. I have had countless good experiences with Beano. He learns much faster than I had expected, and some tricks which his old owner tought him that I have uncovered have certainly helped. He is an absolute pleasure to be with - and just an amazing dog.

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  • There is nothing better than seeing a young man playing happily with his "best friend".

    Posted by Sandy & Ed Hefferon, 04/12/2009 5:30pm (9 years ago)

  • What a delightful young boy - I hope you can pass this love, that you have of Beano, on to your mates, to let them know of the joy you get from owning a pet . Please let them know of the most beautiful dogs, that are still waithing day after day, for someone to take them in and love them.
    You are one in a million!

    Posted by Jackie Varischetti, 02/12/2009 11:18pm (9 years ago)

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