Guiness, one decade on

Posted by Kylie Hildebrand on 28 August 2009 | 3 Comments


Hi there, you probably don't remember me but I was rescued by you guys many years ago when I was in a terrible state. I was a skeleton with sores all over me and my ears so badly infected you had to give me stitches in one of the ear flaps. At the time my previous owners called me "Doogie" and I'm a male liver-spot dalmatian if that jogs anyone's memory.

Guiness, one decade on

Just under 10 years ago my friend Jacki visited your refuge looking for another dog because she'd just been through a nasty home invasion where someone tried to attack her and her brave dalmatian dog, Lotta. She didn't find anyone at first but then you called her at home when I came in and she ended up adopting me.

Soon after she took me home I got a new name - Guiness, which is good because I wouldn't respond to the other one, it reminded me too much of the horror I used to live in.

I have been so happy living with my new family, even though I was a bit aggressive at first, Jacki figured I was just scared and was so patient with me eventually I realised I didn't have to be all growly and angry. I made friends with Lotta and DJ the cat (also black and white) and the three of us would all sleep together in a huge basket. DJ used to clean my face and Lotta taught me lots of things - she was the boss of me.

Then we moved to country Tasmania - where it's really cold but great for big dogs!! Lots of space and a river to swim in and all sorts of interesting smells and dead things to roll in!!!

I have a few health problems due to my time with the 'other people'  but Jacki has learnt lots of natural health techniques and knows how to treat everything without even having to go to the vet much. I eat a lot of raw and fresh food and if she buys dry food it's the really expensive holistic healthy stuff. I live inside and even get to sneak up onto the bed in the morning for a cuddle. Man I live in paradise!!!

About 5 years ago Jacki rescued another dalmatian, Pepper, from an unsafe environment. She was only 5 weeks old and as cute as a button - although she had really sharp little teeth! We had to teach her a lot of things but she was a fast learner. Pretty soon all of us dogs and the cat were trying to squeeze into one basket - and we kinda managed it.

Sadly, a couple of years ago we lost DJ to a speeding car and then Lotta died (she was nearly 19 years old) a year ago. So now it's just me, Jacki and Pepper. But, though I grieved for Lotta for months, I am really the happiest dog in the world. I will fiercely protect Jacki and Pepper but love all the local kids and get lots of pats and cuddles from everyone. I love to eat and keep getting yelled at for throwing stuff out of rubbish bins in parks (but the best bits are under all the rubble!!!) but mostly I just love to lie in the sun/in front of the fire or go running and swimming.

Thank you to you guys for introducing me to Jacki and giving me such a fantastic and loving home and family.


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  • That is a great success story. I can't imagine anyone badly treating such a lovely doggy. So lucky to find a home he deserves.

    Posted by Kristy, 19/10/2010 1:50am (8 years ago)

  • Thank you so much for commenting on my dog's story Sandi! Guiness is the loveliest dog I've ever met. The refuge staff were so smart to contact me when he came in - it was a perfect match!!

    Posted by Jacki, 19/09/2009 5:49pm (9 years ago)

  • What a wonderful story! Guiness looks gorgeous.. and very happy!

    Posted by Sandi Chetwynd, 31/08/2009 8:50pm (9 years ago)

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