Hamish is having a ball

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 8 July 2011 | 2 Comments


It has been a week since I was adopted and boy am I loving it.  I have squeaky toys to play with and both my master and mistress love to throw the BALL.  The yard is big and I can run, bushes to brush under and later to hide, birds to chase and so much to do.


When the weather is fine we go for walks down to a big park and also to a small one that has a pond in the middle and all different types of birds, though I do pull a bit that is because there is sooooo much to smell and see, will try and stop.

On the first night I got into trouble because I took a stuff toy that belonged to my mistress.  I didn’t like been growled at and will try not to do it again.  Got out the other day and I didn’t like it, didn’t know what to do.  My mistress finally caught up with me and bought me home – safe again. We all start doggie training in a week’s time and I am looking forward to that.

Am learning that when my master and mistress go out they come back and then it is fun time for all of us.

I am loving my live and hope all my friends at the dog refuge and soon get good homes.


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  • Hamish, you are so very lucky to have been adopted by such a loving family.
    Lap up and enjoy every single minute.
    So happy for you!

    Posted by Adele, 10/07/2011 12:25am (7 years ago)

  • ha! Hamish... hold on to a ball and he's yours! glad he's got a family to love him. he was such a character.

    Posted by Nat, 08/07/2011 10:15pm (7 years ago)

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